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Devs, you're freakin' joking.

So not only do us players get a lecture from Emilie on feeling more comfortable wearing "gender-appropriate" clothing, the so-called "women's" glam gear gift for Valentione's is ugly as hell.

Devs, you may be in Japan, but could you kindly remember that the majority of your player-base does not live there?? And that in the rest of the modern world, there's no such thing as gender-locked clothing?? And that the shit you consider "women's fashion" in-game is UGLY.

It's the height of irony that Emilie gives us a lecture on what makes her feel comfortable, while the devs continue to force us women into highly UN-comfortable shit masquerading as "clothing" -- in this case, short frilly miniskirts & tights/lingerie bottoms that are more appropriate on young children, not adult women.

(Fellow players, if you want to wear such stuff, more power to you! The issue here is about CHOICE.)

There's been too many in-game holidays where the so-called "gifts" feel like thinly-veiled attempts to infantilize the women players. Stop forcing us to be "sexy", devs. Yoshi has bitched about the game being used for eRP, and here YOU are, adding to the problem by refusing to give us players the CHOICE of what style of holiday-gear to wear!

Emilie feels more comfortable being "adorable", great. I don't. Let those who want to be "adorable" get the adorable gear. Let those of us that want to be "dashing" get the dashing gear. STOP GENDER-LOCKING GEAR & FORCING US INTO OUTDATED MISOGYNISTIC KAWAII BULLSHIT.
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Tiara Clavaris

Tonberry [Elemental]

I really like the clothes. Super cute and this is why FF appeal many female gamer. If FF turn to like WoW I probably already unsubscribe a long time ago lol. Strange to say uncomfortable because well.. you don’t really “wear” virtual clothes. you “look” at your toon wearing cute clothes and it makes you uncomfortable (then dont look? lol 😆). But about gender lock stuff.. Well that’s up to devs. But I personally think this is the best design they ever created in the past for ladies.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

I'm with Tiara on this one.

Despite the waist needing to be cinched a bit, that dress looks surprisingly good on Annabel. It has a nice mix of color and shows off Anna's legs really well. My game wife Aria really likes it too.

If you don't like it Hawk there is nothing wrong with that. Fashion, like a lot of visual crap, is subjective; you like what you like.

But I suspect more real life women will like this outfit than not, especially if they are girly.

Bear Ironfist

Faerie [Aether]

I thought it was odd that they gender locked the outfit after removing restrictions from so many past outfits, and they will likely do the same with this one at some point in the future, but if a free virtual costume you don't like, in a subscription game you play is the worst thing to happen to today, you are very blessed.

Leonie Hawke

Faerie [Aether]

I’m with bear, lol the irony of gender locked clothing after the entire wear and be who you want sort of ideal pushed… sigh completely missed the ball on that lol
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