Special Notices


    Special Notices

    Special Notices


    • Announcing the "A Vibrant Valentione" Screenshot Sweepstakes!

      We are holding a special screenshot sweepstakes to celebrate the month of love! Show us your most beloved treasure in the world of FINAL FANTASY XIV: your partner, friend, or favourite NPC!

      A random selection of 1,500 winners will be drawn from all qualifying entries.
      Be sure to read the rules and share a screenshot of your character celebrating their dearest while wearing the new Valentione emissary attire for a chance to receive an in-game reward!

      Read on for details.

    • Announcing the New Housing Broadcast: Mister Foxclon’s Neighborhood!

      We are pleased to announce a new intermittent broadcast series hosted by Global Community Producer Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi, who will be visiting housing designed by Warriors of Light all around the globe! If you are a proud designer and would like to invite Foxclon to a tour of your place, use the #FFXIVHousing hashtag used by our community on Twitter!

      Whether your design is an ensemble of your favourite furnishings, a hangout for your friends, or a studio for taking screenshots, come share your housing ideas or learn from fellow enthusiasts as Foxclon discovers just how creative our Housing Designers of Light can be!

      Mister Foxclon’s Neighborhood

      Date & Time

      Thursday, 2 March 2023 at 11:00 (GMT) / 22:00 (AEDT)
      * Starting time is subject to change.

      Presented By

      • Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi (Global Community Producer)

      Where to Watch

      * Please note that the broadcast will be conducted in Japanese.

      Read on for details on how to submit your housing.

    • Regarding Illicit Activities in The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)

      Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida has released a statement regarding illicit activities in The Omega Protocol (Ultimate).

      Read on for details.

    • The Unending Journey – Live Stream Adventures with the Community Team

      Get ready for The Unending Journey's first episode of the year on Friday, 10 February! Join the EU Community team as we take on new challenges once again.

      This time, we'll first explore Euphrosyne, and then engage in a head-to-head battle with the Archfiend of Fire, Rubicante!

      Put on your best glamour and join us for some screenshots at the Revenant's Toll aetheryte in Mor Dhona on Ragnarok (Chaos DC)!

      Read on for details.

    • Announcing the Job Pin Badge Promotion!

      Let your next purchase on the Square Enix Store decide which job you level in game!

      From now until Friday, 3 February, make any merchandise purchase on the Square Enix Store and receive a free random job pin, while supplies last!

      Read on for details.

    • Patch 6.3—Gods Revel, Lands Tremble Special Site Update

      The Patch 6.3 special site has been updated with details on the new trial Mount Ordeals, as well as CG artwork of bosses that appear in the Euphrosyne alliance raid and Lapis Manalis.

      View the special site.

    • Watch the Latest Episode of Duty Commenced

      The latest episode of the North American Community team's Duty Commenced live show has been archived and is now available to view! Couldn't join the team live this time? No problem! The episode is available to watch below or on the official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch channel.

      In this episode, the Community team, along with their special guest: MTQcapture took on the new alliance raid, Euphrosyne, alongside fellow Warriors of Light! Of course, another segment of Community Commendations was shown off this episode as well!


    • Valentione's Day Comes to Eorzea on 1 February

      'Tis the season of ardour and affection, and as per the custom, cities and residential areas the realm over shall be bedecked with an impressive array of rosy decorations that promise to inspire feelings of love in all who behold them. Lisette de Valentione seeks an adventurer's assistance in a matter of the heart, but from her troubled expression, one can only guess the sort of mission that awaits...

      See the special site for details.

    • Patch 6.31 Notes

      We are pleased to present the notes for Patch 6.31, which introduces a host of new items and the fifth ultimate duty, the Omega Protocol (Ultimate).

      Read the patch notes.

      * Updated Tuesday, 7 February 2023 at 8:00 (GMT) / 19:00 (AEDT)

    • Join us for Duty Commenced on 25 January!

      The next episode of Duty Commenced, the North American Community team's live show, is set for Wednesday, 25 January. The team, along with their special guest MTQcapture, will be tackling the new alliance raid, Euphrosyne. They will also be showcasing the latest segment of Community Commendations and hosting giveaways!

      Read on for details.

    • New Optional Items Available!

      New optional items will be added to FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store starting around Tuesday, 17 January at 8:00 (GMT) / 19:00 (AEDT).

      Visit the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store.

      * During periods immediately following the sale of new optional items, congestion in the delivery system may cause item deliveries to take longer than usual.

    • The Furnishing Design Contest 2022 Deadline is 19 January!

      Artisans and adventurers across the realm! Don't forget that the deadline for the Furnishing Design Contest 2022 is Thursday, 19 January at 14:59 (GMT) / Friday, 20 January at 1:59 (AEDT)!

      Don't miss this unique opportunity to make your furnishing dreams a reality!

      Learn more about the Furnishing Design Contest 2022.

    • PvP Series 2 Draws to a Close as Series 3 Begins!

      After myriad battles fought and won, PvP Series 2 has ended. Rewards for Series 2 may be claimed until the end of Series 3.

      For those eager to dive back into the fray, we are pleased to announce that PvP Series 3 has officially begun! The more you play, the more bountiful the rewards, so we encourage all players to try their hand at PvP!

      Read on for details.

    • Crystalline Conflict Season Four Results Revealed as Season Five Commences!

      Crystalline Conflict Season Four has drawn to a close!

      • To Our Top-ranked Competitors
        Congratulations on a season well fought! Please be sure to collect your hard-earned ranking rewards from your local postmoogle.
        * Ranking rewards letters may take some time to arrive. We appreciate your patience.

      • To All Players Ranked Bronze or Higher
        Well fought and good show! Your tier rewards may be claimed by speaking with the Seasonal Quartermaster at the Wolves' Den Pier (X:4.9 Y:5.7).
        * Please note that Season Four tier rewards may be collected until the end of Season Five. Don't forget to claim your spoils!

      View the results for Season Four.

      Without further ado, we are delighted to send you back into the arena for Season Five! Aspire to even greater heights and secure your Crystalline legacy!

      • Season Five Preliminary Rankings
        Players will begin Season Five five risers lower than the rank at which they finished Season Four. Rising Stars will be reset to zero.

    • Patch 6.3 Notes

      We are proud to present the patch notes for Gods Revel, Lands Tremble, which follows the Warrior of Light as they continue their quest alongside the mysterious Zero in the main scenario, and sally forth into the sanctum of Euphrosyne in Myths of the Realm.

      A wide range of other additions includes new trials, a new Crystalline Conflict arena, new custom deliveries (Anden), and more.

      * Additional features will be implemented in future updates:
      The Omega Protocol (Ultimate) is scheduled to be released in Patch 6.31.
      A new deep dungeon (Eureka Orthos), Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures sidequests, Manderville weapon quests, tool enhancement quests (Splendorous Tools), and Loporrit tribal quests are scheduled to be released in Patch 6.35.

      Read the patch notes.

      * Updated on Friday, 20 January, 2023 at 7:00 (GMT) / 18:00 (AEDT).

    • Patch 6.3 Notes (Preliminary)

      It is with great pleasure that we present the preliminary patch notes for Patch 6.3─Gods Revel, Lands Tremble. Packed with a multitude of additions and refinements, adventurers of every persuasion are sure to find something to enjoy in this exciting new update.

      Read the patch notes.

    • Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXV Digest Released

      We’re pleased to announce that the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXV event digest has been released!

      If you weren’t able to watch the live stream, or if you just want to watch it again, be sure to check it out!

      Proceed to the thread.

    • Patch 6.3─Gods Revel, Lands Tremble Special Site Update

      The Patch 6.3 special site has been updated with new information regarding the deep dungeon Eureka Orthos, Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures, the continuation of the Manderville weapons saga, and Loporrit tribal quests─not to mention extra tidbits on new custom delivery quests, the new course in Leap of Faith, and more!

      View the special site.

    • FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit Released!

      We've released a mesmerising new fan kit featuring artwork from Patch 6.3─Gods Revel, Lands Tremble.

      Download the fan kit.

    • New Year's Greetings!

      Happy new year to all you FFXIVers out there!
      This is Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida.

      10 December 2022 marked twelve years since I came on board FFXIV. Looking back, I honestly don't feel it was a long time at all. Rather, it was a period of constant running that sped by in a flash. Since taking up the baton from the original FFXIV, we've woven the main scenario into its first conclusion with Endwalker. Now the curtains have risen on a new adventure, and the world continues to expand.

      I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to the Development and Operations teams, who have continued to build the FFXIV world. And above all, we never could have come this far without Warriors of Light the world over, our esteemed players. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

      Now then, on to 2023! This year marks the tenth anniversary of FFXIV's rebirth, and the Fan Festivals scheduled around the world will be held on the grandest scale to date at each venue. These are the largest events where we can celebrate in person with you Warriors of Light, and I am eagerly looking forward to them, as well as various other major events we have in the pipes. Together, let's raise the roof for the tenth anniversary!

      And what do you know... As I was pondering a keynote speech for the festivals, someone seems to have left a memo in front of me with a poem on it.

      Twelve years have passed since I took up the baton, and ten since the game's rebirth, but the Warrior of Light's journey ever continues! I wonder, what awaits us in the future alluded to in this young man's poem?

      As we've previously announced, we're steadily preparing for the next ten years of FFXIV. During Fan Festivals and other events, I expect that we'll be able to report on the progress of the game's first graphical update, which will have a particularly large impact.

      It's time to ring in the year in which FFXIV's next major developments will, little by little, come to light! Furthermore, FINAL FANTASY XVI, the latest installment in the FF series developed by our very own Creative Business Unit III, will also see simultaneous worldwide release on 22 June (pre-order your copy here!).

      Twelve years ago, I never imagined that I would have the chance to work on two mainline Final Fantasy titles, let alone at the same time. This world truly is a mystery, and that's what makes it so interesting.

      It's my hope that all you Warriors of Light will continue to join us in our great and ongoing adventure, all the while looking after yourselves.

      Again, I wish you a happy new year, and thank you for your continued support!

      FINAL FANTASY XIV Producer & Director

      Naoki Yoshida

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