Special Notices


    • Revisions to Housing Ward Classifications

      To accommodate housing demand, the classification of wards dedicated to free company/private plots will be revised.

      Scheduled Implementation

      These changes will take effect with the commencement of the entry period beginning Sunday, 10 July 2022 at 15:00 (GMT) / 16:00 (BST) / Monday, 11 July 2022 at 1:00 (AEST).

      Revised Housing Ward Classifications

      Housing classifications for each World will be revised as follows.

      Free Company Housing

      Previous Revised
      Ward 1 to ward 18 Ward 1 to ward 9

      Private Housing

      Previous Revised
      Ward 19 to ward 24 Ward 10 to ward 24

      * Housing areas for the four New Worlds added to the European data center will be classified differently. Further details will be announced at a later date.
      * Revisions made to ward classifications will not affect any previously purchased plots.


      A brand-new downloadable mini album featuring colourful songs from Aglaia, Alzadaal’s Legacy, and other content added in Patch 6.1—Newfound Adventure is now available!


      1. Pilgrimage
      2. Radiance
      3. In the Balance
      4. The Map Unfolds
      5. Hippo Ridin'


      Available for purchase at participating retailers.
      * Price and availability may vary according to retailer.
      * This EP is only available as a digital download.

    • Crystalline Conflict Season One Ending Soon!

      The competition has been fierce, but Season One of Crystalline Conflict will soon draw to a close with the release of Patch 6.18!

      Once the season has ended, players will receive rewards according to their overall rank and tier within each data center.

      The final results will be announced on Tuesday, 5 July, so give it your all and prove yourself the fiercest fighter on the crystal line!

      View the Crystalline Conflict Rankings page.
      * Unlike the Feast rankings page, the Crystalline Conflict rankings page will continue to be updated up until the final rankings are announced.

      Season Two will begin with the release of Patch 6.18. Upon the commencement of Season Two, you will be placed five risers below your final placement in Season One, with zero Rising Stars.

    • Introducing New Worlds to the European Data Centers

      Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida described a major server expansion of the European data centers in the announcement, Regarding the Expansion of FFXIV's Operations. This expansion is planned to be carried out in two phases, the first of which will be covered in this post.

      Implementation of the first phase is scheduled to take place during maintenance for Patch 6.18 on Tuesday, July 5. Four Worlds will be added in total, with two Worlds being added to each data center as listed below.

      New Worlds in the Chaos Data Center

      • Sagittarius
      • Phantom

      New Worlds in the Light Data Center

      • Alpha
      • Raiden

      * Maintenance for Patch 6.18 is expected to last 24 hours due to the Japanese/European data center expansions and the implementation of the Data Center Travel system.

      Read on for details.

    • Regarding the Expansion of Japanese Data Centers

      In Patch 6.18, a new logical data center, Meteor, will be added to the Japanese data center, and certain existing Worlds will be redistributed within it.

      This announcement will review the schedule for maintenance and the period during which eligible players may use the Home World Transfer Service free of charge. Additionally, effects of World redistribution on certain in-game features will be explained below.

      Read on for more details.

      Patch 6.18 will also introduce the Data Center Travel system, which allows players to temporarily visit other logical data centers within their physical data center.

      For more information, please refer to our announcements on World Regrouping and Data Center Travel.

    • Immerse Gamepack FFXIV Edition “Sounds of Summer” Campaign!

      This summer, why not dive into a whole new dimension of sound? Immerse Gamepack FINAL FANTASY XIV Edition, an add-on for FFXIV (Windows version) jointly tuned by the FFXIV Sound team and Embody, is available for 20% off during the Sounds of Summer Campaign! This is a great opportunity to experience the world of FFXIV with immersive 360 spatial audio on any headset, so don’t miss out!

      Read on for details.

    • Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXI Set for Friday, 1 July

      In the upcoming Letter from the Producer LIVE, we’ll be covering information on what’s to come in Patch 6.2!

      Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXI

      Date & Time

      Friday, 1 July 2022 at 11:00 (GMT) / 12:00 (BST) / 21:00 (AEST)
      * Starting time is subject to change.

      Where to Watch

      * Please note that the presentation slides will include both Japanese and English text, but the presentation audio will be in Japanese only.

      Show Details

      • Patch 6.2 Part 1
      • Miscellaneous Updates

    • The Wolves' Den – PvP Live Stream with the Community Team

      We are excited to announce a new episode of The Wolves' Den, the European PvP Stream, on Friday, 17 June! Join us for some exciting Crystalline Conflict matches, Frontlines, and a special announcement! As usual, you will be able to win some amazing prizes, so don't forget to tune in!

      Read on for details.

    • Play Free for up to 4 Days in the Latest Free Login Campaign!

      The new Duty Support system* added in Patch 6.1 allows adventurers to progress the main scenario at their own pace, and in the hope that would-be adventurers can experience all that FFXIV has to offer, we are pleased to announce the latest Free Login Campaign!

      If you or any of your friends are currently taking a break from your adventures, you won’t want to miss out on this limited-time event!

      * The Duty Support system is currently available for main scenario duties implemented within Patch 2.0, as well as Patch 5.0 through Patch 6.1. The system will be updated to include other main scenario duties in future updates.

      Read on for details.

    • Patch 6.15 Notes

      Patch 6.15 brings a multitude of additions and refinements to the game, including new custom deliveries featuring Ameliance, Arkasodara tribal quests, and the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventure quests.

      Read the patch notes.

      * Updated on Wednesday, 13 June, 2022 at 8:00 (GMT) / 18:00 (AEST)

    • New Optional Items & Limited-time Sale!

      New optional items will be added to the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store starting Friday, 3 June around 8:00 (GMT) / 9:00 (BST) / 18:00 (AEST). We’re also hosting a limited-time sale on Make It Rain Campaign items, so don’t miss out!

      New Optional Items

      Make It Rain Campaign Sale

      Sale Period

      Friday, 3 June at 8:00 (GMT) / 9:00 (BST) / 18:00 (AEST)
      to Thursday, 30 June at 6:59 (GMT) / 7:59 (BST) / 16:59 (AEST)

      Sale Items

      A selection of items related to the Make It Rain Campaign

      Visit the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store.

      * The items featured above will be available for purchase after the scheduled maintenance on Friday, 3 June around 8:00 (GMT) / 9:00 (BST) / 18:00 (AEST). Please visit the News section for detailed maintenance information.
      * During periods immediately following the sale of new optional items, congestion in the delivery system may cause item deliveries to take longer than usual.

    • Patch 6.1—Newfound Adventure Special Site Update

      The Patch 6.1 special site has been updated with new screenshots featuring upcoming content from Patch 6.15, including Arkasodara tribal quests and Custom Deliveries: Ameliance, as well as the new side story quests—Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures, Tataru's Grand Endeavor, and Omega: Beyond the Rift.

      View the special site.

    • Watch the Latest Episode of Duty Commenced

      The latest episode of the North American Community team’s Duty Commenced live show has been archived and is now available to view! Couldn’t join the team live this time? No problem! The episode is available to watch below or on the official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch channel.

      In this episode, the Community team checked out some of the newest content implemented in Patch 6.1! The journey through Aglaia and the experience within The Minstrel's Ballad: Endsinger's Aria have been captured for your viewing pleasure! Of course, another segment of Community Commendations was shown off this episode as well!


    • Regarding PvP Balance Adjustments

      Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has released a statement regarding PvP balance adjustments.

      Read on for details.

    • The Make It Rain Campaign Begins 3 June!

      The Make It Rain Campaign is back again, giving thrill-seekers the chance to earn 50% more MGP!

      The campaign attendant offers discounts on a range of incredible prizes, such as furnishings that allow you to play Gold Saucer mini-games in the comfort of your estate hall. Join the festivities and rake in the rewards!

      Read on for details.

    • Patch 6.1—Newfound Adventure Special Site Update

      New CG artwork of Dragon-king Thordan from Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate) has been added to the Patch 6.1 special site.

      View the special site.

    • Sharing Information Regarding Network Delay and Packet Loss for FFXIV

      Since around the release of Patch 6.1, we have been receiving reports from players in Japan and other parts of the world stating that they have been experiencing network-related issues, such as a few seconds of network loss, or lag.

      Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has provided information on how players can gather details regarding packet loss and submit that information to us for review.

      Read on for details.

    • Announcing the New Adventure Screenshot Sweepstakes

      To celebrate the newfound adventure awaiting our adventurers, we're holding a screenshot sweepstakes! Show us what types of adventures you've been having in Etheirys thus far!

      A random selection of 1,500 winners will be drawn from all qualifying entries!
      Be sure to read the rules and share a screenshot of your character going on an adventure for a chance to receive an in-game reward!

      Read on for details.

    • Patch 6.11a Notes

      The notes for Patch 6.11a are now available and include details on adjustments to PvP actions and several resolved issues.

      Read the patch notes.

    • Join us for Duty Commenced on 27 May!

      The next episode of Duty Commenced, the North American Community team’s live show, is set for Friday, 27 May. The team is calling all Warriors of Light to heed the call and adventure within Aglaia then take on the challenges within The Minstrel's Ballad: Endsinger's Aria! Of course, no episode is complete without showcasing the latest segment of Community Commendations.

      Read on for details.

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