Cosplay and Art Contests at EU Fan Festival

OMG - the European Fan Festival is only three months away! Alright, alright, let's keep calm, take a deep breath and prepare ourselves for the art and cosplay contests. 


Hildibrand cosplay at the London Fan Festival 2014

Is the engine of your sewing machine purring nicely? Are your paintbrushes at hand and your canvas ready to be part of a great piece of art? There's still time to take part in both of the Art and Cosplay Contests. At the previous Fan Festival in 2014 we saw some really fantastic art and cosplay and we seriously can't wait to see what players will come up with this time around!

If you are unable to join the Fan Festival itself - don't panic, you can still take part in the art contest. The best entries will be on display at the Fan Fest in Frankfurt, and the final winners will be voted on by attendees themselves throughout the show.

Interested in taking part? There are three categories to choose from when entering:

- Leisure: depicting non-combat daily activities or role-play

- Battle: depicting a battle scene

- Characters and Creatures: depicting a famous NPC or monster

If you plan to attend the Fan Festival in Frankfurt, make sure you come in your finest costume and register for our cosplay contest on-site!

More details on both contests can be found on the official site here.

Fishing with my friends_Jeanette Aga(Norway).png

A very cute art piece from the Art Contest at the London Fan Festival 2014 (credits to "Jeanette Aga/kuraikyo")

See you soon!

-          Lakukisu