Well Excuuuuse Me, Little Lady

Greetings, everyone!

Bayohne here getting into the spirit of Little Ladies' Day—the seasonal event filled with maidens, peaches, and cherry blossoms, which is set to return to Eorzea on Tuesday, March 3!

Little Ladies' Day is a festival that started with the events surrounding Princess Edvya nearly three centuries years ago. Lore-curious adventurers can read up on the Legend of the Lost Lady to find out all the background of this seasonal event.

This year's event will revolve around a wealthy Ul'dahn merchant.

This business-minded merchant never had much time to shower his daughter with the love and attention that she so desperately craved; but this year things are different!

Believing that this year's Little Ladies' Day would be the perfect time to strengthen the ties between father and daughter, the merchant devises a plan (which you'll soon come to find is somewhat irksome)...

Naturally, we have brand-new seasonal event rewards on tap for this year's Little Ladies' Day!

A rather soft and comfortable looking peach blossom choker. Definitely a nice piece to take your fashionable glamours to the next level.

It also looks great on males who want to adopt a cuter look for themselves.

There are also new outdoor furnishings to place around your yard.

Enjoy a picnic or lounge around outdoors on the Crimson Felt Mat (fully equipped with an umbrella!) under your very own Eastern Cherry Tree from which cherry blossom petals will gently fall.

Minions would have a blast on these comfortable looking mats, but make sure they wipe their feet before stepping on it!

During the event period Ul'dah will be loaded with decorations, which includes this decorative shelf.

As more and more adventurers complete the quest and repeat it, more and more objects will be added to the shelf. At the forefront you can see some flowers and such, but what's that in the back...?

The fun starts soon, so be sure to partake in the festivities! Don't forget to read up on all the event particulars.

- Bayohne