Road to Paris!

Hi everyone,

Clem here to report on this weekend's Feast Regional Championship semi-finals, our first official international Feast competition!


We saw some amazing, intense games throughout the weekend but in the end, only 4 teams remain! Only them can claim the final victory now.

◆ Chaos, Block A

• Hashtag FreeTaru (qualified)

• FeelsGladMan (qualified)

• S7 Starters (out)

◆ Chaos, Block B

• -no1crs- (qualified)

• Ugandan Warriors (qualified)

• Easy Does It (out)


Congratulations to all of you!

We'd also like to thank the team Wasted Potential again, who ranked number 1 during the preliminaries but could not attend Fan Fest - they would no doubt have been very strong contenders for qualification and even for the final victory. Press F.



If you've missed the semi-finals or would like to watch them again, you can go to our official Twitch channel! Block A games are here, Block B games there.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, watched and supported us for this amazing adventure! ♥

The 4 finalists now have a little bit over 4 months to practice, perfect their skills and further improve their strategies. We can't wait for the finals!

See you in Paris!
Ready for Paris

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