Much Ado About PvP

Greetings, Zhexos here!

If you tuned in to our Letter from the Producer LIVE from the other day, you may have heard that we just announced The Feast Regional Championship 2018! We're all very excited to finally be able to announce this, and will be watching closely, cheering for all the teams engaging in the preliminaries!

While we wait for further details on the championship, today I'm here to introduce more PvP-related updates coming in Patch 4.3! Without further ado, let's dive in!

The Feast: Map Adjustment for the Crystal Tower Training Grounds
Firstly, we'll be making an adjustment to The Feast: Crystal Tower Training Grounds! This map was introduced in Patch 4.2, and we received plenty of feedback on the map. Here are some updates coming based on that player feedback!


I'm sure you can already tell from just looking at the above screenshot, but the overall map layout has been updated. With this map update, we believe it'll change your strategies as well. We hope you'll enjoy the renewed Crystal Tower Training Grounds!

The Feast: BGM changed for Culling Time
BGM for Culling Time has been changed!
This new BGM should give an extra boost to your adrenaline, so check it out yourself!
I was able to listen to it beforehand, and I can tell you that it does make your hair stand up and give that sense of danger.


The Feast: HUD Improvements
The HUD for the Feast has been updated as well! The number of medals carried by each of the players are now displayed in the header information. In addition to this, the party list for your opponents has been added as well.


With this new HUD, you'll be able to see your opponents HP/MP, their additional actions, as well as buffs and debuffs.

You'll also be able to check the Adrenaline Rush status of your allies and their additional actions as well.

There's more! You'll soon be able to target all allies and enemies from the party list by clicking on their names. On the gamepad, you can target your opponents in the party list by hitting L1 + directional key up/down.

But that's not all! We're adding text commands specifically for the Feast, so we believe it'll make it much easier than before to target your opponents, so be sure to give it a try!

The Feast: Custom Match (Team Custom Match)
In Patch 4.3, we'll be introducing a custom match mode for teams. Similar to the regular team matches, it'll display the team names and the team crest onto the HUD, so we hope you can utilize this mode for practicing or player events!

The Feast: Custom Match Party Finder Update
Custom matches will also be updated so that you can start a Party Finder group as a spectator. If you choose to spectate, you can start the Party Finder as a member of Alliance C.


This should make it easier to organize and engage with custom matches!

The Feast: Requirements for The Feast (Training) has been changed from "one player" to "one to two players"
With this change, you can now invite friends who were hesitant to give PvP a try with you!

The Feast: Changes to the Rating System
We announced this on the Lodestone, but from Patch 4.3 onward, the player ratings and tiers will carry on from the previous season and also change based on their pre-season performance. This was done to ensure players are matched with opponents of an appropriate skill level.

Click here for more details.

Frontline: Daily Challenge
The available Frontline campaign will change on a daily basis!


We currently have all of the previous Frontline duties available at all times, but we're changing it so the campaigns available will change on a daily basis. This is intended to encourage players to enjoy the older Frontline campaigns. Invite your friends over and give it a go!

Frontline: Adjustments made to the Borderland Ruins (Secure)
In accordance with the new daily challenge, we will make adjustments to Borderland Ruins (Secure). We have reduced the size of the map to reduce the time it takes to rush through the battlefield to increase the number of encounters. Since Borderland Ruins (Secure) is the oldest Frontline campaign, there may be some players who haven't tried it out. We're hoping you take this opportunity to give Borderland Ruins (Secure) a try!


That is it for PvP-related updates coming in Patch 4.3!

Oh I almost forgot! Talking about the new Daily Challenge mode, you'll be able to earn something pretty cool...


Looking forward to seeing you all on the battlefield!

- Zhexos
Community Team

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