Love is in the Aether

Love is in the aether and bringing with it the Valentione's Day seasonal event returns tomorrow, February 2 at 8:00 (GMT)! This year, we've added a little more oomph to the festivities!


To give a brief background of Valentione's Day, it's a time to take part in the celebration and show your love and appreciation to someone along with a gift.

So with that said, here are some rewards we've prepared with lots of our love and thanks!
First off, we'd like to show you something new for you and yours!


The Broken Heart Chairs from the 2016 Valentione's Day event were made into mounts! That's right, even though it may have looked like one mount, you'll be getting two!

I know what you're thinking,


"I don't want this, it seems like it's only for couples."
"I think it'd look pretty sad if it was just me flying on one of these."
"How could anything about this possibly make me feel any better about THIS day coming up again?"

Well, for starters if it makes you feel better, the dev. team member who took these was pretty much thinking the same things and considered them, too...

So here's something really neat that may possibly change your mind about these mounts:



Yup, yup! Depending on which seat you magically summon, your sitting pose will change! So treat yourself to a good time while you take a seat on one of these heart chair mounts.

Who knows, maybe a special someone may ride up next to you to complete it, hm? /thumbsup

Aside from the mounts, we also got some new Valentione's Day themed furnishings!
First, we have the Valentione's Day Balloons alongside the Valentione's Day Advertisement to put up on your wall!
In the next image, we have the Rose Wagon to place outdoors for all your floral needs this season~!!



Hold it! We got one more surprise to share with all of you!
Yoshi-P mentioned this briefly, but this year's Valentione's Day will have some very alluring content.

Here's a little sneak peek:


So, whether you're riding solo or have that special someone in your life, we hope you enjoy this year's Valentione's Day event! For more details about the upcoming event, check out the special site here!

Thanks for checking all this out with me! Until next time,

Community Team

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