Slime Time

Sicycre back again with a brand-new blog and...
Um. What's that?

Is that a KING SLIME!?

It is! Perfect, because this is precisely what I'd like to share with you all today! The Dragon Quest X Breaking Brick Mountains collaboration event will be making a comeback on November 30th!

This event originally ran in September 2014 right before the announcement of Heavensward (how time flies) and those who missed it the first time will be able to take on the quest... The Dragon Quest!

Let's take a look at the other rewards—maybe something a little less cute and more on the bolder side: like this Thug's Mug! Put this on and you'll be known as one of the toughest and wildest adventurers around! Did I mention you can dye this, too?

Another reward is this amazing Wind-up Brickman minion!

Take down the golems causing a problem for the local miners and reap the rewards. You might be wondering who exactly you'll be helping out... Well, allow me to introduce you to some very lovely miners!

Will you assist these ladies during the Mad Mythril Crush? I mean...Mad Mythril "Rush"!

Then step up to the plate and read over the details on the Dragon Quest X collaboration event on the special site!

- Sicycre
Community Team