Value Downscaling and Mid-level EXP Reset in Patch 6.0

As previously announced, Patch 6.0 will be introducing measures to control the inflation of in-game values. This downscaling will result in numerical values appearing smaller than before, but will not impact overall game balance.

In the 67th Letter from the Producer LIVE held on Friday, November 5, we explained that EXP downscaling will involve overwriting the player character database.

Ideally, each character’s current EXP levels would be individually assessed, adjusted, and overwritten to fit the new value scale. However, since every character has over thirty-five pertinent data sets, the total number of sets to be analyzed would exceed two billion (over ten billion bytes of data), making case-by-case adjustment unfeasible. Instead, uniform adjustments will be implemented, which will cause any EXP accumulated between levels to be reduced to zero for all players. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding.

Values Affected by Downscaling

HP and damage dealt

Numerical values relating to battle (gear/materia attributes, effects of meals/healing items, enemy HP, attack potency, etc.) will be smaller.

Recipe progress and quality

Numerical values relating to crafting (recipe difficulty, maximum quality, progress/quality increase via actions, etc.) will be smaller.

Required and earned EXP

Numerical values relating to EXP earned by Disciples of War and Magic, Disciples of the Hand and Land, retainers, and Trust NPCs will be smaller, and the EXP required to level up will be commensurately lower.

Mid-level EXP Reset

When the character database is overwritten upon the release of Patch 6.0, any EXP accumulated between levels beforehand will be reset to zero. This includes:

  • Job/class EXP for Disciples of War and Magic
  • Class EXP for Disciples of the Hand and Land
  • Retainer EXP
  • Trust avatar EXP

* Only EXP accumulated between levels will be affected. Levels themselves will be unaffected by the reset.
* Certain kinds of EXP will not be subject to reset. This includes EXP accumulated by chocobo companions and Grand Company squadrons; EXP used to level up in Deep Dungeons or the Forbidden Land, Eureka; mettle earned at the Bozjan southern front or in Zadnor; and PvP EXP.

In order to mitigate the amount of EXP lost, players are encouraged to level up to the nearest attainable level before the release of Patch 6.0. We thank you for your patience, and wish you a smooth leveling journey.

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