The Feast Season Twenty Ending Soon!

The competition has been fierce, but Season Twenty of the Feast will soon draw to a close with the beginning of Patch 6.0 maintenance coinciding with the start of Endwalker Early Access. Updates to the ranking page will end after Friday, 26 November.

Face your rivals and prove yourself the most savage of the pack!

Regarding Rewards

Rewards from Season Twenty of the Feast are scheduled to be delivered after the release of Patch 6.01.

During the release of Patch 6.0, we are anticipating login congestion as well as high server load resulting from the delivery of in-game items from the Endwalker Collector’s Edition and pre-order bonuses. As this may impede reward delivery, or cause variations in delivery timing due to server load, we are moving the delivery period to a later timing in order to ensure rewards are properly delivered.

View the Feast Rankings page.

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