Announcing the An Egg-Squisite Season Screenshot Contest Winners (EU/PAL)!

We asked Warriors of Light to share their best screenshots celebrating Hatching-tide! We received so many entries that we had a hard time judging them all, but we made it, and are thrilled to present the winners!

Without further ado, here are the winners of the An Egg-Squisite Season Screenshot Contest!

Submitted by Afonne Norent @ Zodiark

Submitted by Chris Nifes @ Moogle

Submitted by Elyncia Aratea @ Moogle

Submitted by Hukiora Xun @ Omega

Submitted by Inaraa Lihzeh @ Lich

Submitted by Jokxy Ajisai @ Louisoix

Submitted by Kaorya Makoto @ Ragnarok

Submitted by Kellin Warbeast @ Zodiark

Submitted by Luna Tsuyo @ Shiva

Submitted by Lysaia Rosenfeld @ Phoenix

Submitted by Nanane Miru @ Lich

Submitted by Nefu Eiolyn @ Phoenix

Submitted by Neneko Neko @ Ragnarok

Submitted by Nhyx Arghord @ Louisoix

Submitted by Rinne Tayuun @ Zodiark

Submitted by Rizn Rak'tika @ Omega

Submitted by Ruby Yosei @ Ragnarok

Submitted by Spring Ephemeral @ Cerberus

Submitted by Tsutsumi Tsumi @ Omega

Submitted by Zhenya Okami @ Zodiark

Thank you again to all the participants and congratulations to all the winners!

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