Digital Fan Festival Bonus Item Delivery

We are expecting some delays in the delivery of in-game items redeemed for bonus item codes and optional item purchases after FINAL FANTASY XIV Digital Fan Festival 2021 bonus items are made available for purchase and bonus item codes are sent out.
Please take the following into consideration before purchasing any optional items.

◆ Make enough free space to receive your Mog Letters Please make sure you have enough free space to receive items before making a purchase by taking items from any letters you have received in the "Purchases & Rewards" tab and deleting the letters afterwards.
*Please note that if you have purchased multiple items, they will be sent to you in separate letters. Please make sure that you have freed up enough space.

You can only receive a total of 20 Mog Letters related to bonus items, optional items, or gift items. If you do not have enough free space, the system will attempt to redeliver the items at another time. The time taken between each attempt to redeliver optional items may be extended in order to reduce the server load this process has on the general delivery system.

◆ Delivery timing of optional items
The delivery time of optional items varies depending on the type of purchase.

 ・Items purchased for single characters
→ Items will be delivered immediately after purchase
 ・Account-wide item purchases
→ Log in with a character after purchase to have the item delivered to that character

With account-wide item purchases, you must log in with the character after making the purchase in order to receive the item. Please be sure to log out and then log back in again if the purchase was made whilst logged in to FINAL FANTASY XIV.
Please note that if you purchased both types of optional items, the items may be delivered at different times due to the nature of the delivery system.

◆ Checking the status of the optional item purchases You can check the status on the Mog Station via "Payment History".

Please note item deliveries may be delayed during peak times. If you have still not received your items despite confirming all of the above points, please be advised that it can take up to 24 hours before items are delivered.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.
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