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Trinity ZeroMalboro (Crystal)

Hey All! Welcome to SavageAF (SAF). We are a mature (18+) and couple's FC that has been in active operation for a few years now! We are new player friendly and love to help people learn the game and guide them through content. If you are looking for an FC that is casual and friendly and helpful--then SAF is for you! Additionally, if you are looking for an established lvl 30 FC with a mansion, 24/7 buffs (lvl 3 buffs on weekends), regular events, giveaways, and more--then we are also the FC for you! We only ask that you respect your fellow players and always be willing to help someone else in need out. We have an FC Raid Group that plays twice a week and farms for mounts and clears on things from lvl 50 content all the way to lvl 80 content. We do have a few basic rules such as NO DRAMA, no religious or political talk in FC Chat, respect one another, no spoilers, no asking others for gil or expensive mats, etc. I've been a member of this FC personally for over a year now and have been a member of the leadership team for about half of that time. I've played the game for maybe 2.5 years now total and these people are my family! If you want to experience the game with mature like-minded individuals, or maybe you and your significant other are looking for a place to call home--check us out! Maybe we are for you or maybe we aren't but I promise if you join you won't be disappointed! If you are interested in joining, check us out in-game or feel free to reach out to me on Discord (MorpheusZero#1212) for more info or for an invite!
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