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Importance notice to Alternate Raid Group Folks!

Lunix EsquireMidgardsormr (Aether)

Heyooo people of D3SU

Almost the 4th week, and while I am happy where the group is coming to, unfortunately where there's good, there can be bad.

I am writing this to tell you that I have been hearing mostly "Bad" and "Negative" things, not about the group in whole, but to certain individuals in the group itself, some people having problems with others through means. Just recently we had a fall out along with arguments.

While I did say that this is a Casual group for people to run stuff together, it has been clear that while I have been away via work, things has NOT been going smoothly at all and this upsets me that it's going downhill while I've been gone.

So I thought about it hard, and I decided to include a few more things in regards to this group, think of it like a "Code of Conduct."
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Lunix Esquire

Midgardsormr (Aether)

Be known that I will not be pointing fingers at anyone nor am I planning to kick anyone. But I want everyone to read these next few sets of notes and take it to heart.

- Most of the complaints is around the fact of things being "Hardcore", "Savage", "Static" and so forth. So for this reason, I will now ask people to NOT attempt any Savage or End-Game content run unless I am there, or I leave someone to lead it if people wish to do so. If you REALLY wish to do Savage, Static'y kind of things, please take it to other linkshells or to the FC.

- From here on I want everyone to do runs for the sake of "Learning" and "Enjoying one anothers Company." No more trying to force clears, pointing and blaming others for mistakes or such things. When we do aim for 100% clears and such, I'll say so, but until then treat it all as a "Learning Experience" as much as possible.

- Do something that "Everyone" agrees upon. If 1 person does not wish to do the thing people wish to do, respect their choice and end it with that. Not everyone enjoys the same thing as you or others do and that is normal in MMORPG.

- Keep the Alternate Raid Group Linkshell Chat just for Alternate Raid Group talk only from here on. If you wish to talk about your own static raid group or such things, take it to FC chat or /tell members if they're interested.

Please understand that I'm not that happy to list these out, and wish everyone to simply keep all these in their mind and not as a "Rule" they "MUST" follow.

But since all I heard within this past week is complaints, not about the group itself but individuals, I must advise everyone to keep any hardcore talk elsewhere until everyone is comfortable with one another, and everything calms down again.

oTL Again, sorry for this folks. ._. Very unlike me, but since most see's me as the Raid-Leader here, then I'll do so here on to be one...I guess decent.

THank you, and have a good day!

Lunix, D3SU Butler/Pants stealer aparently...
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Lunix Esquire

Midgardsormr (Aether)



Not everything is sad, annoying news.

Since I see that while I've been gone it has been rough on people, I from here on promise to attempt more runs with people in the group as much as possible.

This means, that since I work, I get home around people's mid-night or later, I still see some late birds still online. This means that I'll attempt to do stuff with those people.

This means:

- End up doing runs via PF
- End up joining other peoples PF group
- End up attempting recruiting more from FC as we go.

Of course I don't know how long I'll last since I work, but I'll do my best to hold up my side of the work.

=) I hope, and I pray that this groups works out more and more for Anna and her Banana D3SU company.
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Mostima Arknights

Midgardsormr (Aether)

BANANA! ._. =) Double CUTE! n.n
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