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Cross-world Linkshell

Recruiting Transgender Conclave Members



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Active Members


Data Center




#Socially Active
#Roleplay Enthusiasts
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
Hello and welcome!
We're growing a small, but closely knit community on the Aether Data Center!
There are TONS of communities that are "LGBT+ Friendly" but I'm thinking... why not make one that's run by and for trans folks specifically?

This applies to anyone who identifies as transgender, non-binary, or any other gender identity under those umbrellas!
We strive to be a chill, comfy place to hang out around, and make friends.
We're also specifically aiming to be a Fellowship/CLWS since we know... cutting ties with your FC mates is difficult! But being a CWLS/Fellowship, anyone can join, regardless of their FC status and Home Server!

Come give us a try, I'm sure we'll surprise you ♥

Group Profile



Active Members


Primary language



Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Rin YamanekoSiren [Aether]

Send a Tweet

We're looking for folks who fall under the transgender, non-binary or questioning umbrellas.
First and foremost, we strive to be a safe space for people to be themselves in, and to make friends to chat, or to play with!



Cla're FarronSiren [Aether]

Invite me?


Venus DawnFaerie [Aether]

hii invite me pls :]


Yukyi BloodroseFaerie [Aether]

Invite? She/her^ ^

This comment has been deleted.

Phenomallie QuohnJenova [Aether]

Invite me please?


Dusk VoidspawnSiren [Aether]

Invite please? o/


Kokomi BubbleFaerie [Aether]

hi! can has an inv?


Od KhatunSargatanas [Aether]

Hey there! I'm nonbinary/transfem and my pronouns are they/them :) I would love to join pls!


Od KhatunSargatanas [Aether]

I'll leave my current FC when i get home


Emmi JoSargatanas [Aether]

Hi! I'm Emmi Jo and I'm a Nonbinary/cd and pronouns are they/them and would like to join the cross world linkshell. I reside on Sargatanas and mostly stream late nights!


Daru NayaruSiren [Aether]

Hello! I'm on Siren and would love to join!


Freddurst ThesecondMidgardsormr [Aether]

Hey I am very interested in joining. MtF she/they <3


Gustavain ChaunolletMaduin [Dynamis]

I'm interested in joining-- didn't see any other way to get in contact other than here.


Some BunnyGilgamesh [Aether]

inv plss


Keegan LockeJenova [Aether]

Invite please c:


Robin VioletFaerie [Aether]

I'd like an invite! :)


Meliae ArdaFaerie [Aether]

Hi, i was wondering if i could get an invite?


Asphalidae IllithCactuar [Aether]

Hi I'd like to be invited


Bekki BolirJenova [Aether]

I’d love an invite! :3


Elthi RajpurCactuar [Aether]

I'd like an invite please :) I am nb they/them


Ampana RoseSargatanas [Aether]

May I have an invite?


Guwu JafaSiren [Aether]

can i have an invite please? :-)


Seong-min SolCactuar [Aether]

Hihi im a transgender man and would love to make new friends on a new account q_q im not new to the game jus so u kno but erm…i would like to have an invite to the LS!! :D


Hime MomiSiren [Aether]

psst, could i have an invite please? c:


Wren RavenheartDiabolos [Crystal]

Hi! I would love to join. Genderqueer, any pronouns. Newish ^.^


Levael ViragoSiren [Aether]

Might I have an invite too?


Konig WulfFaerie [Aether]

Could I please have an invite? :)


Adrisella MihataJenova [Aether]

could use a invite to please


Ayami BanjoJenova [Aether]

Hii may I have an invite? :D


Nerea SilvinaCactuar [Aether]

May I be invited please?


Flower StemSargatanas [Aether]

Howdy! Do y'all have a discord, or a good contact to reach out to? Thanks!


Relina AnthesiaAdamantoise [Aether]



Panda BearessJenova [Aether]

I'd love an invite.


Rhetal NeokanSiren [Aether]

may i have an invite ? :O


Bo BeanieFaerie [Aether]

Hiya! Would love an inv <3


Isa MarcinaFaerie [Aether]

I'd love an invite, plz and ty!


B'tawnee GenkhuFaerie [Aether]

I’d love an invite!


Dark VelvetGilgamesh [Aether]

invite me plsssssssssssss !!! <3


Tofu Yes'yesFaerie [Aether]

invite me please ! :)


Schnee NoxJenova [Aether]

can I receive an invite?


Alyssa DahrielJenova [Aether]

Could I get an invite, please? <3


Auriane LothaireGilgamesh [Aether]

I'd love an invite! :D


Ihri'a SenhaCactuar [Aether]

Hello, I would love to join if I can get an invite!


Valen SeltirSiren [Aether]

Ohai am trans! Pls send me an invite? :D ♥


Felyndria LynSeraph [Dynamis]

Hi! Can I get an invite please?


Rinni SelrostLamia [Primal]

Hello! Can I get an invite please?


Void EdgeAdamantoise [Aether]

I run an fc can i.be in the discord ? For friends and community vibes? :P i am trans she/her

(Edited)  -

S'kye KitniAdamantoise [Aether]

I'd like to apply :) I'm trans, I'm kinda new to FFXIV


Nicki CrimesSiren [Aether]

Can I get an invite?


Felt HeartFaerie [Aether]

Would love to be a part of the FC and CWLS!


Valentina BryndoenwynAdamantoise [Aether]

Needs an invite!


Nergui DotharlJenova [Aether]

invite please!


Corvalian RenvaireSargatanas [Aether]

Can I get an invite


-- -- ----

I would like to join please.


D'rannha YaikiSargatanas [Aether]

Genderfluid transfem (any pronouns) here, can I get an invite to the CWLS and FS?


Ivette LesrektaFaerie [Aether]

Could I get an invite to the CWLS? im not trans but I play one on TV


Newt BrandywineFaerie [Aether]

How does someone actually get an invite to this CWLS? It says apply below, but I don’t see anyone who has applied here listed as a member…


Mirugo ForenoCactuar [Aether]

Hello! Invite please?


Selana MeritasFaerie [Aether]

Hello! I am interested in joining this linkshell; may I have an invite please?


Knit BoneSiren [Aether]

I would love to join! Invite please? <3


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