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Free Company

Recruiting The Swimming Swans Members


Lich (Light)

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10:00 4:00
10:00 4:00
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Data Center


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#Mount Farming
#Player Events
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Socially Active
#Housing Enthusiasts
Hello, Lovely FFXIV Player,

So you are looking for a FC, well if you are looking for one of the most active FC's then keep reading on! Because our FC is always in the top 5 on the Lodestone, without aiming for it.
We have our FC actions up for our members, so you will get always 30% less teleport costs and 10% more battle exp.

What we like to do is play together! We offer all the help we can give to our members. We have dailly events for playing together. Think on Bingo, Hide and Seek, Fashion Shows, Minion events, Tressure Maps events, farming mounts for everyone. Beside that we also are active in ocean fishing, Eureka, Bozja etc. We do have members from all levels, from new players to real veterans from everywhere in Europe, but we do only speak English, so everyone can join the conversations.
Also high end crafters and gatherers we do have, if you are in need of some items. We also have airships and submarines for special items, minions etc. And we do have the luxury of having 8 garden plots!!!!

Our FC house is Large and really lovely decorated, you surely will love it, just take a look in Lich, Lavendel Beds, Ward 10, plot 3. We have a lot of free cake
for everyone in it for extra exp and nice buffs. Upstairs you will find all crafting benches where you get as member of our FC free extra CP untill level 70!!! We train all chocobo's from our members which are stabled and give free Thavnairian Onions for the capped chocobo's on level 10 and that afterwards to people with the rank Shiny Swans. Those are the active members, by helping others, join events etc.

How do we keep our FC really active? We say goodbye to members who didn't login for 14 days, without letting us know they weren't able to play for a period of time. Of course we keep those members who did let us know. ;). We do have discord, so when you where always active and suddenly we miss you, we do take contact by discord.

So what is our goal exactly? Just to be an active FC with a high social level. Which doesn't mean we don't do the harder content. We do, but on a nice way. We use discord voice chat and try to beat the content together, no one is born all learned, so we do learn together. But for the moment, we do have a lot people still trying to achieve the end of the game.

We play all kind of content in the game except PVP. Simple because the lack of interest in it.

So what do we aspect of our members? Just play the game as you like! Don't rush through it, it's a massive game. We are NOT aiming for people who want to level all as fast as possible, skip most of the content because they are only interested in the endgame content, and by the time they are finally there are also totally burned out. We aim for long time members who enjoy what the game have to offer.
We like to see members are helping eachother.

We do have discord, there you find all kind of usefull info, our events, our photo's from our pets, ingame pictures etc. We also have a discord voice channel lounge for talking together instead of typing. All what matter you will find on our Discord. No acces without being a member of our FC.

And then last but not least! We have our DRUNKY FRIDAY NIGHT event! It's for pure fun together! We do events together just for fun, no hard content during this event. ;) You will see it is one of our best events!

So this in short what we can offer you. We hope we have given you a good idea of what our FC stands for and of course we love to welcome you in our FC.

Just send us an application, it's just that easy!

Signed by: Romy Miyahara

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Active Members




Primary language



Plot 3, 10 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Large)

Estate Profile

Home of the swans


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Romy MiyaharaLich (Light)

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-- -- ----

Hey :P im completely new to XIV and thought I was looking for a guild on this path. your guild text looked pretty interesting and i would love to join :D unfortunately i dont have any friends in ff yet and that has to be changed quickly D:

This comment has been deleted.

Temometar MoonstoneLich (Light)

Hello I just finished the 7th Umbral Era. As this is my first time playing any type of Final Fantasy game I am searching for FC which could help me get all the tricky things about the game and have fun together. I want to explore different jobs to see which will suit me the best. I am currently a Dragoon but I don't want limit myself only with DPS.

(Edited)  -
This comment has been deleted.

Vinzent MilbrielLich (Light)

Hi there and greetings from a Swedish FF-fan. Been playing FF14 since release with a few breaks here and there but never been part of a FC. Strange huh? An old MMO hardcore guy that eventually grew up and just went casual after growing up :)

Playing solo I’m starting to miss the hang outs, the laughs from guild chats, the helpful community, discussing how to optimize your class etc. You guys seemed to at least put some effort in your recruitment ad, so here we go :)


Hotaru NoykinLich (Light)

Hi! I played a lot of FFXIV when it first came out, so I've basically only completed the main storyline and then taken a looooooong break. Just looking for a friendly guild to hang out with and maybe get help from since I'm quite lost, coming back after so many years!

This seems like a cozy community that I can just chill and hangout with and maybe do some content with. I'm currently trying out the Astrologian job as a healer.

Appreciate your time!


Chomusukee KonosubaaLich (Light)

Hi I want to rejoin your FC I left because I wanted to change data centre I didn't know that there's a cd for moving to a different data centre


Askion KraftLich (Light)

HI, returning player here that would love to find a good FC to laugh with. I don't do Savage n stuff (yet) but maybe soon... I hope that you people have a place here for me :))


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