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    Free companies are player-run organizations which allow their members to pool resources, be it items or gil, to accomplish feats that would be difficult or impossible for a single individual.
    The benefits of joining a free company include a dedicated chat channel for all members, the ability to purchase an estate to serve as the group's base of operations, and the use of free company actions that grant bonuses such as increased experience points.
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    Teamwork is key, so be sure to find a team with whom you're confident you can hone your skills together.

    PvP duties: allow players to compete against one another in unique instanced arenas.
Free Company

Recruiting Steel Bladed Sword Members



Active Hours
17:00 24:00
8:00 24:00
Active Members


Data Center


Home World




#Casual leveling company
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Work-life Balance
24/7 EXP buffs | Large House /w Stable, Garden, Workshop & Craft Stations | Discord | Friendly & Helpful

If you're a new adventurer or returner on Omega you might receive a random invite at some point :P

SBS is a place to make use of leveling buffs and all the other FC benefits, as well as a place to ask any questions.

We occasionally run events, usually free to enter lotteries.

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 35, 17 Ward, Mist (Large)

Estate Profile

Steel Bladed Sword


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Rabbit SoakerOmega (Chaos)

24/7 EXP buffs | Large House /w Stable, Garden, Workshop & Craft Stations | Discord | Friendly & Helpful



Althala RamaOmega (Chaos)

Hi, rejoined after a long break. looking for a FC to call home and help me get upto speed with the game :)


-- -- ----

Hey I'm a new player looking for a FC to grow with and learn the game with :3


Curry BunOdin (Light)

Hi im wondering if i can join this fc?


-- -- ----

Hi. I'm a new player and have only just started. I'm looking for a plce to call home.

This comment has been deleted.

Zeck LardavaOmega (Chaos)

Hello.. Im a new player looking for my FC home. Can I join you guys?


Meliana TeshiOmega (Chaos)

Im new to the game and wanna enjoy it with people not myself could i join?


Alara StarsurgeOmega (Chaos)


Just got back into the game after a brief first experience a year ago. This time I am looking for people to play with. Still completely overwhelmed by the game but motivated (:
Is there a way to contact you guys in game or maybe get an invite?


Wicken BreuxOmega (Chaos)

Hi returning player looking to join a friendly fc


Djole GuguerroOmega (Chaos)

Hi I'm new player how can I join your guild ?


Zalhera CaelumOmega (Chaos)

Hey i'm a newish player (but not to mmo as i've played WoW for a "few" years) looking for a place to settle down. currently working on heavensward msq and pushing msq in generell looking forward to Endwalker


Orion EinherjarOdin (Light)

Just got back into the game looking for a large and social guild


Sterbin MistweaverOmega (Chaos)

Hello, Im a returning player, would love to join


Turpanya BixboxOmega (Chaos)

yo yo yo, new to the game and in need of a home :3


Slim ShadeOmega (Chaos)

Heya, wow convert here, looking for a large active FC


Shadow VortexxOmega (Chaos)

Hi, i'm a returning player and i am looking for a large and friendly FC so i would love to join you in your adventures

This comment has been deleted.

Chaoticus AlagaddaOmega (Chaos)

HI just got back into the game after a very long brake and just hit lv80. Still so much about the game i need to learn and also looking to join an active FC


Nilloix TerrechantOmega (Chaos)

Hello! Do you happen to be affiliated with SWORD (the network of Mortal Sword, Immortal Sword, Temporal Sword, Eternal Sword and Fallen Sword) of the Crystal data centre?


Community Member Dhova KhinOmega (Chaos)

Hello , came back from a long break and looking for a FC


Sylvanas ShadowlandsOmega (Chaos)

Hey, new player here. I'd like to join your FC.


Mercur GrimmwaltOmega (Chaos)

how to join?


Shaun HuntOmega (Chaos)

Hello, I'm a returning player looking for a friendly FC and I'd love to join you guys


Kane DragoOmega (Chaos)

Hi, Am looking for a long term home, new player coming into game, used to doing high end content progress in games, want to find a place to stay for the long term, are you still looking taking people?


Lazyra AkageOmega (Chaos)

Hello i am new to FF and i am looking for a FC to have fun and learn the game with other people


Enza DeninoOmega (Chaos)

Returning player looking for a nice and big FC. How can I join?


Pale WindOmega (Chaos)

Returning player looking to join an FC!


Morph EonOmega (Chaos)

Hi, I'm a returning player, would love to join


Community Member Eramis KellOmega (Chaos)

I'd like to apply, I play on Omega, kind of new, finished the MSQ etc. I came from WoW (12 year veteran) and just left my FC (witnessed drama, then an exodus, I play for fun, I have enough drama in my life).


Badalhoka RelaxadaOmega (Chaos)

1st time FF player. Leveling WHM right now. Looking for chill FC to do some content


Stabby BunnyOmega (Chaos)

Looking for a fun group to hang and chat with while doing MSQ, if possible I would love to join you guys


Community Member Niko GandaOmega (Chaos)

Hello chaps, returning player, level 60 ish, looking for a FC, I would love to join. Levelling Sum/Sch & DNC right now.


Alistair EdwardsOmega (Chaos)

Hi! Im a new player looking for a FC to learn from and to play with, im an active player and want to get into it ^^


Shayer StarkerOmega (Chaos)

heya im a returning player looking for a nice fc to chat with and do trails and dungeons with im very active and always ready to learn


Vigilium SoraOmega (Chaos)

Hi. I am looking for a Free Company. Would love to join you.


Kane DragoOmega (Chaos)

Looking for a Free Company to join, to help out or play within the company to progress together etc. Are you still accepting?


Aberlour SpeyOmega (Chaos)

Looking for a nice active community to call home! Both myself and "Rothes Spey" would like to join, if you're taking on new people?


Renos GoneOmega (Chaos)

Ive just returned and playing it more now than before, been leveling a few jobs and almost finished MSQ so thought I'd look for a friendly FC before Endwalker hits


Onkel HaseOmega (Chaos)

Hey i'm new in FF14 can i join the FC i looking for a active FC i wil learn this game for alot of fun


Matty LifeOmega (Chaos)

Hi I've just got back into ff14 looking for a active FC to get up to speed


Alihondes SulacuOmega (Chaos)

Hi. I'm a returning player just finished ARR with a new character and am looking to experience the game at it's fullest this time around. I would like to join your FC if you would have me! :)


Machine OnkelhaaseOmega (Chaos)

hi i'm a newplayer in FF14 and i look for a active FC i will learn the game and fun


Slava RoduOmega (Chaos)

Hello, i am a new player and i am looking for an active Free company that i can make friends with and enjoy the game :)


Erik PooleOmega (Chaos)

Hey I am new and am looking for an FC to join and meet people to play with


Sett TigrisOmega (Chaos)

Sup. Im a returning player looking for a guild to have fun with :)


Eko UltraOmega (Chaos)

Returning vet since vanilla poking for a community! Will be mainly playing through PS4


Community Member Azra DracorOmega (Chaos)

New Player LF a FC to stay. Sadly I dunno how all this contacting ingame etc works. Could I join you guys?


Shiraori GleoOmega (Chaos)

Looking for a friendly FC :)


Nelvar UmbraOmega (Chaos)

Hello! I'm a new player, super clueless but I like this game, currently lvl 51 DRG


Jimjam StrifeOmega (Chaos)

Returning player looking for a place to chill!


Gnives RazbrosRagnarok (Chaos)

Hi, I'd like to join a fun and active community to help me learn the game and make friends. Please get in contact with me if you'd like to recruit me. Thank you

This comment has been deleted.

Reece WolfordOmega (Chaos)

hey just started FF14 last week currently a level 52 bard i would love to join


Dana StormOmega (Chaos)

Heya! I'm a returner currently deciding on main class (torn between Dancer, Machinist and Red Mage :D). I'd love to join a nice, friendly community to play with. :)


Simon BelmontOmega (Chaos)

Hello ! New player looking for friendly company and a place to ask stupid questions! :P


Mac DreadmistOmega (Chaos)

I'd to love join this leveling guild. I'm new to this game and would really like to have a social-community I can engage and play with!


Remi NayOmega (Chaos)

Hey was wondering if I could join I've recently upgraded to the full version and was looking for a chill and active FC


Kurisu TinaOmega (Chaos)

Pretty much a new player, just completed ARR MSQ. Looking for a guild to take me in to get stronger and better!


Smelly WandOmega (Chaos)

hello I'm a new player to ff14 but not to mmo's and would like to join a un group


Smelly WandOmega (Chaos)

hello I'm a new player to ff14 but not to mmo's and would like to join a un group


Dorg IcusOmega (Chaos)

Hi, new player here but VERY experienced MMOer LF some company, preferably free (pun intended) :)


Dylan ForgioneOmega (Chaos)

Would love to join if possible ! :)


Sir ToqqiOmega (Chaos)

Hi, semi-new player, would like to join.


Community Member Ne RoeOmega (Chaos)

Newly returned to Omega and looking around for an FC to join after NN expires.


Boan GainsOmega (Chaos)

inv me :D


Yurika NakamuraOmega (Chaos)

Hello, part healer, part tank player here. Looking for FC :)


Viy TalOmega (Chaos)

Hi! Im a returning player and looking to lvl up and to increase my social experience. :) I do like all roles, currently maining SMN/SCH and doing some DRK on the side


Toka SenjuOmega (Chaos)

Hi there. New to FF14 here but not to MMO's. Looking for a nice casual place to hangout.


Brodie StrifeOmega (Chaos)

im fairly new and would like a place to hangout


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