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    A community to play together with friends on the same World.

    Free companies are player-run organizations which allow their members to pool resources, be it items or gil, to accomplish feats that would be difficult or impossible for a single individual.
    The benefits of joining a free company include a dedicated chat channel for all members, the ability to purchase an estate to serve as the group's base of operations, and the use of free company actions that grant bonuses such as increased experience points.
    No two free companies share the same goals and motivations, so be sure to choose the free company that's right for you.

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    Cross-world Linkshells: allow communication with any players on the same data center.
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    Teamwork is key, so be sure to find a team with whom you're confident you can hone your skills together.

    PvP duties: allow players to compete against one another in unique instanced arenas.
Cross-world Linkshell

Recruiting The Shou Place Members



Active Hours
8:00 21:00
13:00 21:00
Active Members


Data Center




#All are welcomed
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Socially Active
#High-end Duties
A socially active and helpful CWLS for everyone to join and make friends. Want to run something? Feel free to ask away. Able-bodied, disabled, it doesn't matter. Everyone is welcomed. That includes regardless of your sexual orientation.

Group Profile



Active Members


Primary language



Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Shou TimeGilgamesh (Aether)

Send a Tweet

I am a 7-year veteran of the game, who is disabled and can only use my right hand. Most of my battle jobs are level 80.



Seren DustGilgamesh (Aether)

hi, i'd like to join

This comment has been deleted.

Phaerisma ElderweaveSiren (Aether)

I am still relatively new to the game and would love to join a channel for continued help when my FC is not available. Not sure how this all works though.


Ninoshka MalkovaSiren (Aether)

Hi, I'm insterested on joining the cwl if I can


Calista CrystallisAdamantoise (Aether)

i'd like to join....down for roulettes, clears, etc


Gerudo KingMidgardsormr (Aether)

Hello! Was interested in joining your community! Looking for groups to do any content with. I have SCH, SMN, and PLD at 80 (scholar main) and am lvling other classes! I sent you a discord friend request! hoping to hear back soon!


Aedwynn YadarkimJenova (Aether)

Hello! I would like to join


Chyubi AstennuAdamantoise (Aether)

Hey I'd like to join if you still invite people :3


Kenny MccormmickGilgamesh (Aether)

Looking to join if you're still inviting


Kalliga XareltoFaerie (Aether)

Heyo ! Would love to join if still recruiting ! And my discord is Kalliga#0711 ... cheers !


Graape ApeSiren (Aether)

Hey, can I get an invite? I'm pretty chill and would love to join yall if you're still recruiting!


Harley QuinnMidgardsormr (Aether)

hi can i join to please


Gondz GlenlivetRamuh (Elemental)

Hi can I join? looking for static or at least ppl who want to teach high end stuff


Tsuneyo NocturneJenova (Aether)

hi i want to join looking for a static for raids mount farms and hunts or any events


Raha NunhSargatanas (Aether)

Hi I'd like to join ! I'm lookin to make friends and do content with others.


Don QuiquanAdamantoise (Aether)

I would like to join! Outside of mount farms and hunts I'm more of a casual play but I'd love to help out.


Ternan ErukMidgardsormr (Aether)

Hi, casual player here. LF peeps to chill and do stuff!


Serena OliviaTyphon (Elemental)

Hi would like to join as well.


Veronica BlazeHyperion (Primal)

Hi id like to join never had a linkshell yet...ps im on all the time


Flumpet MoonFaerie (Aether)

Hello ^^ I'm interested in joining. Discord Flumpet#2325


Ahjirai HaraginSiren (Aether)

would love to join this linkshell! i have a neuro disability that impacts my playstyle and it would be fun to chat with folks who get that!


Der HexensohnUltros (Primal)

i would like to join.


Oceanias RyonadoJenova (Aether)

hello i and my friend would like to join if your still looking


Frecel DorneAdamantoise (Aether)

i dont know how this works really but i would like to join if possible.


Jhin AdachiAdamantoise (Aether)

I'd like to join as well


Moshu ChanFaerie (Aether)

I would like to join if invites are still available ^_^
You can also get in contact with me if necessary as well on Discord under the name MoshuChan#3019


Asta PastuhAdamantoise (Aether)

Hello I'd like to join if you'd have me wanna make my chat bar more active =D


Rineru AideenTonberry (Elemental)

Hello! If you are still recruiting I would like to join.


Radalf HextGilgamesh (Aether)

if your still open i would love an invite 1SakuraFan!!#2951


Arnsgrim EichenwolfGoblin (Crystal)

If you're still recruiting, I'm interested. Been on a long hiatus and trying to get back into the game!


Omami OkeyaAdamantoise (Aether)

Hey! I'm still new to the game and was hoping to meet some new people to play. I hope I can still join! :)


Akiko AbyssFaerie (Aether)

Greetings! if you're still recruiting, I would like to join! to make new friends and to run some content! Been playing for 2 years, but still need to learn more things.


Con ConGilgamesh (Aether)

lemme in! all my ffxiv friends stopped playing ):


Shou BoexCactuar (Aether)

This is the land of my people


Evelyna OchiettiJenova (Aether)

I'm interested of joining if you're still recruiting!


Tanuki TsurushimaFaerie (Aether)

I'm braindead on mech lol. Hope you don't mind >_<


Solace FerrissCactuar (Aether)

hiya! I'd like to join this community if there's still spots open


Hyun JhiJenova (Aether)

Hi id like to join if theres spots available


Duo MaxwelSiren (Aether)

hello, are you guys still recruiting, if so i would like to join :)


Community Member Arolas LegwenSiren (Aether)

Hi, I'm looking for another community to be a part of. I have reached end-game content, and enjoy doing things casually. The group of friends I was with are all doing more extreme content and have scheduled static runs. Would love to see if I fit with the community. Best way to reach me is Discord: Quokkasian#4278


Nier ScaevaFaerie (Aether)

hi, if you still have spots open i'd like to join. :) my discord is mashtyx#6896


Jojo ValentineMidgardsormr (Aether)

Hi this sounds like what I'm looking for in an LS. I'm fairly new, just finished normal Eden as an Astro and want to make friends to learn Savage with. I'd love to join if you'd have me. My Discord is JoeInWonderland#2338


Catrine BloodSiren (Aether)

Hello! I'd like to join :) Eskimofo#3024


Doyoh'ra JaabExcalibur (Primal)

Hello! I'd like to join. my discord is Oolong#0001


Bheur BrantSargatanas (Aether)

Hi! I'd like to join as well. Nans#9530


Alkina RhoswenSiren (Aether)

Hello, are you guys still recruiting? I'm interested in joining
Discord: SilentSlyOwl#4647


Avexius StormsingerSiren (Aether)

I would love to join please!


Rad RyderCactuar (Aether)

Hallo, I would like to join if you are recruiting. Thank you!


Kiko SukiSargatanas (Aether)

Hi I Also would like to join.

(Edited)  -

Shinta LawlietCactuar (Aether)

Hi I would like to join. :)


Nyan TasticCactuar (Aether)

A nice place to hang out sounds refreshing, I'd like to join if you're still taking peeps


Ai YahFaerie (Aether)

Hi i would like to join im chill and laid back


Nekias KrichevskoySargatanas (Aether)

Hello, if you're still interested in members I'd like to join. I tend to spend most of my time in raids and high-instances as well. ;D


Ellie ValentineSiren (Aether)

im interested if you are recruiting still


Cantra TcLeviathan (Primal)

Hi there! I'd love to join your group, if you're still actively inviting. Currently, I'm working my way through Stormblood with the hopes of catching up to current content. Hope to hear from you soon. :)


Kahri MolkohFaerie (Aether)

Hello! If you're still actively inviting I would love to join. I currently have AST at 80 and am nearing the end of 5.3 MSQ content. I've been looking into leveling other classes as well once I get further along in MSQ (WAR, RDM, DRK). Have a lovely day! :]

This comment has been deleted.

Siadena AerlintheFaerie (Aether)

Hi! I'd love to join if there is still room available!


Ourokan A'vanohSiren (Aether)

Id like to join Discord is Noodles#6602


Midas WellFaerie (Aether)

Looking for more folks to game with, if you'll have me!!


Clyde OrnitierCactuar (Aether)

If there is still room I'd love to join up!


Sarnai KeremunMidgardsormr (Aether)

Hi, I would like to join please.


Furred Eye-blindSiren (Aether)

Hello! I'd love to join as well if there is room. Thanks!


Kite ReinaAdamantoise (Aether)

Hiiii Id like to join if there's still space! Gon Killua in game or Naash#0664 on discord


Community Member Iris-aranea VerninneSargatanas (Aether)

Hi, would like to join! I'm from Sargatanas and I go by Iris-aranea Verninne. You can contact me on discord chronicoles#6295


Xavi'an YajheFaerie (Aether)

I would love to join if there's anymore room! Can contact me in-game or through Discord at Xadvid#0001


Anthony WolfgaronJenova (Aether)

Hi I would like to join if I could. If you need to contact me through Discord if you need to Wolf_Warrior#5326


Athena ElentariGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey there, I'd like to join! Relatively recently back from a very very long hiatus and all my linkshells are gone! I generally enjoy just running random things people want to run.


Nova EverlastingSiren (Aether)

I'm interested in joining.


Melfina StarSargatanas (Aether)

Hi there! I'd love to join if you are still accepting!


Hani MamiJenova (Aether)

Hello! I've been looking for some link shells to join lately, and this one looks promising! I'm interested in joining if that's alright! My discord is Hani#0095


Calista CrystallisAdamantoise (Aether)

if still recruiting then count me in, been looking to join some groups


Brox HeartJenova (Aether)

Also interested in joining!


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