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Cross-world Linkshell

Recruiting Blue Mage Alliance Members



Active Hours
0:00 5:00
0:00 6:00
Active Members


Data Center




#Socially Active
#High-end Duties
Blue Mage alliance, if you would like to do spell hunting.

Group Profile



Active Members


Primary language



Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Dret'ra Y'akuShiva (Light)



Erza Khun'mazgoliaOdin (Light)

Hey, I would love to join this


Rakuraiji TaylorShiva (Light)

I'd love to join :)


Kylandrea HarinZodiark (Light)

I would love to join this please


Elliot ArchylteTwintania (Light)

I’d love to join :)


Ritsuka UenoyamaTwintania (Light)

I'd like to join


Elyndir EsmeriteTwintania (Light)

Hi, i would love to join :)


Mori Mori-chanTwintania (Light)

hey - need a group of blu to help get the mount! can you invite me please <3


Panduka NancoLich (Light)

I really want to learn BLU so I would love to join this ^^


-- -- ----

Hi, i would love to join. :)

(Edited)  -

Lioreigh RuonTwintania (Light)

Hi, I'd love to join. ^^,


Yakuza StrikeLich (Light)

wanna jooin you :D


Cifer ZabizTwintania (Light)

I want to join as well.


Community Member Mezura NyakohPhoenix (Light)

Hello, can I join too ? :3


Ikuto TohoinShiva (Light)

I would like to join.


Auriya GreymooreTwintania (Light)

Hey, i'd like to join :D


Neneyo YumishiTwintania (Light)

Iiiiiiii would like to join ^.^


Maleweiden FuxxfellTwintania (Light)

lvl 60 blue like to join and get the morbol


Wendy O'koopaLich (Light)

I really like Blue mage and would like to join^^ already lvl 60


Garogora HycnavothZodiark (Light)

Hello ! i 'd like to join this linkshell for Blue Mage if possible ! i m already lvl 60


Cifer ZabizTwintania (Light)

blue mage level 60 ready to join for the morbol hunt


Elysien TalionShiva (Light)

Hey Guys :D! I'd Like to join you too :)! Blue Mage is lvl 60 :)


Y'tholi FheyTwintania (Light)

Hi, I would like to join, if you'll have me ^^


Jai'manjai LavaisselOdin (Light)

Hello, can you please invite me if you still have spots ? Thank you


Community Member Firlionel MoriquendiShiva (Light)

Good Evening i would like to join yor Ls. ^^


Aaliyah HarmfulSpriggan (Chaos)

Lvl60 blue like to join get and get the morbol


Community Member Lain- IwakuraOdin (Light)

How can we join your linkshell ? I'm interest


Community Member Sunny SolPhoenix (Light)

hello, i would like to join.


Community Member Momotan MotanPhoenix (Light)

i wanna joiiiiiin pls =O


Midari LuxTwintania (Light)

Would love to join for upcoming BLU patch. Lemme in!


Community Member Kaelyss NynrelOdin (Light)

I would like to join the linkshell if possible :3!


Community Member Deku TaruOdin (Light)

I would like to join for getting the new BLU spells and clearing achievements and having a good time in general!


Community Member Kyria FeyPhoenix (Light)

Heya! I would like to join for Spellhunting and so on. And maybe doing the harder trials. I'm still as bit of a beginner Bluemage, so I will try my best!

(Edited)  -

Community Member Amber SproudLich (Light)

I would like to join to finish the blue mage journal


Community Member Kymani TharulLich (Light)

Heii I'd really like to join for spell hunting and maybe trying for some achievements :)


Clade BrotherhoodCerberus (Chaos)

Hi, I would like to join please


Community Member Shinra KensakiShiva (Light)

I'd like to join.


Community Member Tataru Ta'ruTwintania (Light)

Sign me up, I love blue shenanigans.


Community Member Magnar VanderShiva (Light)

Hello, I'd like to join.


Community Member Twiq MayhemOdin (Light)

Hey there, would like to join! :)


Community Member Ray CroftShiva (Light)

Hey, can I join as well pls? I'm setting up a weekly blue mage activity with my FC and would be great to be able to shout out for extra spell hunters (will be running this tuesdays 7 - 9pm ST) thx :))


Community Member Slipy SamaOdin (Light)

Hi there im from Odin and im looking for some spell gatherers to join with and someknowledge on using the job.. can you invite me?


Yamata OrochiTwintania (Light)

Hey Guys :D! I'd Like to join you too :)


Community Member Reli RelianceZodiark (Light)

Hey there, i'd like to join too :)


Kilia DrakeZodiark (Light)

Hi :) I'd like to join as well, thank you!


Bubbu LineOdin (Light)

Hi. I'd like to join too :o


Yasura YamazakiShiva (Light)

Hey I would also like to join! :)


Lilliosa SottoShiva (Light)

Hey, I would like to join! :3


Ayame StormwalkerTwintania (Light)

Hi, looking to start doing bluemage content would love to join <3


Raiden DirtyOdin (Light)

Looking to do some Blue Mage content if I could join please :)


Ozameli GricameliTwintania (Light)

Hey hey! Would love to join and rejoice in some BLU shenanigans, if you don't mind =)


Gandyzu UchihaOdin (Light)

Can I join ?


Jerry OakenshieldTwintania (Light)

I'd love to have an invite please :)


Emoni MitsuOmega (Chaos)

I’d love to join :)


Yaksha DarksideShiva (Light)

Hey, still trying to level my BLU up and learn all those skills and it would be nice, if i could do that in your company and help.


Sensei SamaShiva (Light)

I would love to join pls!! ;_;


Reiayanami ZeroLich (Light)

Hi - can I join please?


Rikka MegamiTwintania (Light)

Heya. Invite please.


Lavi FaeOdin (Light)

Haii can I join plz


Nypo NypowishOdin (Light)

Hello, i would like an invite.


Magi PopPhoenix (Light)

Heya, would love some people to group with for blu spells ^^


Yuki ShioriOdin (Light)

Hello, i would like to join the linkshell if this is the proper one to do high end achievements (including omega blue)


I'datih OscareShiva (Light)

inv me pls


Xalleria MorningfrostTwintania (Light)

Hi , i have pls an invite 4 Log and Spell Hunting


Leo XankasLich (Light)

I'd appreciate an invite ^^
Wanting to work towards Extreme and Savage content as BLU


Emi FoulkePhoenix (Light)

I'd like to join!


Kiron SolLich (Light)

Is this thing still around? I'd like to join as well.


Arosora AmanogawaShiva (Light)

I want to join as well.


Tyverus ChikaraLich (Light)

I'd be interested in joining. BLU is at 70 FYI


Verra HyskarisTwintania (Light)

I'm a new blu mage, just got lvl 30 solo grinding, can I join? :)


Luffy SogekingTwintania (Light)

BLU lv 70 with all spells would like to join if there is still some space :)


Casval RailynTwintania (Light)

I'd like to join, I'm a lvl 50 BLU


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