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Free Company

Recruiting Majestic Unicorns Members



Active Hours
14:00 23:00
11:00 23:00
Active Members


Data Center


Home World




#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Socially Active
#Screenshot Enthusiasts
#Treasure Maps
We're Majestic Unicorns <QT>! All cuties are invited to join us!

We are a growing group of players at all stages in the game-- many players working through MSQ and leveling their first job, while others have been playing the game for years.

Of course we like to help each other out with dungeons, raids, and the occasional round of PvP. We hold FC events regularly-- Gold Saucer parties, mount farms, treasure maps, and screenshot contests!

Unicorns are pretty passionate about glamour, home decoration, and gpose, but can get serious when it's time to take down a boss or raid! A growing group of Unicorns are trying out end-game content and we always have a good laugh together.

Chat is active at all times but more-so in the evenings (US). Unicorns are mostly a group of nerdy memers all 18+ but we try to keep in-game chat and Discord PG-13!

We are Rank 30, run exp buffs, and have a house and Discord! Apply in-game or PM me on discord at Yuzutai#0064 if you want to join the unicorn ranks!

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 15, 7 Ward, Shirogane (Medium)

Estate Profile

Majestic Unicorns


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Yutai MoriFaerie [Aether]

I've enjoyed my time as a part of this FC and am really happy with the community we have created! Reach out to me if you want to learn more about the unicorns!



Community Member Lynne AlistairFaerie [Aether]

I love the QTs so much!! Awesome group to be a part of!


Mai NinariFaerie [Aether]

Hello QTs! I would love to join Majestic Unicorns. My alt (Nymeria) is already a member. I love that the FCis so active and fun!


Sheahne' Felin'eaFaerie [Aether]

Hi Majestic Unicorns! I am fairly new to the game and would really love to join your FC! It sounds amazing, fun and powerful when needed. Please consider me. It would be so awesome. Thanks!

(Edited)  -

Sheahne' Felin'eaFaerie [Aether]

Hi QT'S! I am fairly new to the game and would really love to join your FC! It sounds amazing, fun and powerful when needed. Please consider me. It would be so awesome. Thanks!


Community Member Valkyrie SvandottirFaerie [Aether]

I can't add the code (qZHBSvp)in Discord, may sb help pls? Thx!


Community Member Valkyrie SvandottirFaerie [Aether]

I'm already in, thx Yutai


Community Member Aurex MarinterreFaerie [Aether]

Hey I'm interested in joining! I'm a sprout doing the MSQ, looking for a fun guild! I'll send you a PM on discord, my tag is Aygeia#9182.


Valette VentureFaerie [Aether]

Hi, I'm looking for a fun, social FC that's also active.


Gwaah XlllFaerie [Aether]

Hi, i'm new to FF and looking for an awesome FC that would take in this little sprout. xP


Ira HarknessFaerie [Aether]

Recently returned to the game. Looking for an active FC to join.


Nico LlanaFaerie [Aether]

Hello, just got this game and am loving it. I was pointed your way by Kitkat on discord who said you are a fun group. My character is Nico Llana, white mage. Thanks much!


-- -- ----

Interested! A wee sprout, brand new to the game and kinda shopping around for an FC to call home. Tried one previously, but it just wasn't the vibe. My discord is gloombean#5827 if that makes things easier. :)


Cake AllenDiabolos [Crystal]

Hey hey, I'm interested in joining. Not exactly a new player, started playing december of 2019 but took a very long hiatus until basically now and i'm looking for people to chat with :)


Community Member F'iel TanaFaerie [Aether]

Hi, I'm interested in joining. Not exactly a new player but far from a pro, looking for a fun group of people. :)


Emm KaefythFaerie [Aether]

Been a member for a month or so now. I have really enjoyed the welcoming environment! The FC house is adorable and I love that people are willing to jump in for roulettes.


Community Member Clumsy BearFaerie [Aether]


Clumsy Bear & I are lost, but don’t worry, we are ok!

On our journey, we became homesick, with a very uneasy feeling in our stomach, knowing our decision of leaving QT was dumb.

We want to call QT home again, being with other FC Members who we miss dearly and who are very positive accepting, loving family.

We realized QT was our home, and if approved, we would proudly call QT our home again.

Can we call QT home again? ? :-)

Clumsy Bear/Jason


Community Member Neoma LunaFaerie [Aether]

Hi I'm Neoma Luna. I am a fairly new player. I would love to join your FC as I have never been in a FC before but would love to join. I am enjoying the game and enjoying the learning it all. So if you are willing to help a lil one trying to find her way in this big ol' world it would be greatly appreciated.


Fluff HargraveAdamantoise [Aether]

Definitely interested, tried to put in an app last night but it wasn't accepted so im gonna try to find yall in game again.


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