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Veridian Shadow 16 1/2: The Recruiting Begins

In Eulmore

Klaus and Luxius were walking upstairs to the center of the city. They stopped and saw a line of adventurers, knights, mages, and more trying to join the Ephemeral knights. Luxius has on purple aetherial goggles.

“Wow cheesecake that’s a huge line of people.”said Klaus surprised.

“Oh the plan that’s right. What was it again?”said Luxius wondering.

Klaus looked at the Lightorium elixir. Their was a lot left.

In Klaus’ flashback

Doxie and Marlana explained what they read in the letter that was left outside. Klaus and the others were shocked by this.

“So to summarize this Eulmore is holding a gala and the Ephemeral knights are holding recruiting on that same day and same place.”said Giunei explaining.

“Ohh that’s bad very bad!”said Ruvie worried.

Ercus crossed his arms thinking and Doxie straightened her goggles on her head.

“Well the party sounds fun but, recruitment I have an idea.”said Doxie looking at Klaus and Luxius.

Klaus and Luxius tilted their heads in confusion. Doxie gives Klaus the elixir for his transformation and something for Luxius. They look like goggles but, covered in aether.

“What are these?”said Luxius looking at the goggles with wonder.

“These aetherial goggles can make you see people’s aether and they can help you see better.”said Doxie petting Luxius’ head.

Luxius looked carefully at them then he puts them on. When he did they turned dark purple just like his aether.

“Whoa they changed colors!”said Klaus amazed by this.

“Oh right depending on the person wearing them it changes to their respective aether color.”said Doxie smiling at Klaus.

Luxius looked amazed and saw everyone’s aetherial color. Lillia smiled and blushed at Luxius’ wondering look. Kawina and Marlana were amazed as well. Doxie went back to sit down and begins explaining.

“So here’s the idea. Klaus and Luxius will go to the recruiting and then if theirs a line they wait. While they are doing that me, Marlana, Kawina and Lillia will dress fancy and go to the gala. Oh the recruiting stuff is up at the center as well.”said Doxie explaining.

Ercus and Ruvies jaws dropped because they weren’t included in this.

“Lady Doxie!!”said Ruvie and Ercus saddened.

“Ohh you two stay here and stop pouting just watch over the lab while I’m gone.”said Doxie crossing her arms and showing her teeth a little.

“Ok...”said Ruvie sadden as her ears fell low.

Ercus fell on the floor disappointed. Doxie giggled a bit at Ercus.

“Well now that the plan oh Klaus drink the elixir now.”said Doxie pointing at it.

“Ohh umm ?”said Klaus looking concerned at the elixir.

Giunei walked up to Klaus and kneeled down smiling at him.

“Don’t worry Klaus it’s safe. I tried her herbs their not poisonous they are 100% safe. I promise.”said Giunei smiling warmly at Klaus.

“All righty here goes.”said Klaus opening the elixir.

Klaus took a small sip of the Lightorium Elixir. He started glowing with aether and dropped to one knee. Everyone was concerned by this. Suddenly, Klaus stood up and burped a bit.

“Woo! That was something..”said Klaus relieved.

Everyone fell down to the floor in a funny way except Luxius.

“Well a small sip did a little effect.”said Doxie smiling at Klaus.

“Hmm?”said Klaus confused.

Klaus felt his wings grew small and the wings on his head were just little buds now. Doxie jumped for joy.

“Yay it worked but, remember Klaus take all of it till it’s all gone. Not now but whenever.”said Doxie reminding him.

Klaus nodded and puts the elixir in his pocket.

Back to the present.

Klaus and Luxius made it to the center after that long line of adventurers. Both of them were amazed by the city and its people. The Eulmore gala has a massive amount of people and adventurers alike. Two members from the Ephemeral knights were taking recruits while the rest enjoyed their party. It was Esleya and Kloxser.

Esleya smiled shyly at everyone and Kloxser like any other dwarf was drinking but, instead of ale he was drinking Eulmores greatest wine “The Paradise Blue”.

“Umm Kloxser are you sure you should be drinking while taking recruits?”said Esleya asking him in a concerned tone.

“ ‘hiccup’ Oh don’t worry I can handle it I have 5,000 IQ..”said Kloxser crossed eyes.

A auri raen man with a red helm and red tribal like armor stepped up and placed his sword on his back. He has blue hair and silver eyes..

“Hello I’m Sir Daishin of the Treetail knights I would like to the join the Ephemeral knights.”said Dahshin introducing himself.

Kloxser tilted his head in confusion and still crossed eyed.

“Ohh so you one of those knights but, wait ‘hiccup’ shouldn’t you have a green armor instead red?”said Kloxser asking Daishin in a drunken state.

“Kloxser!!”said Esleya shocked.

Daishin got really mad and took his sword out then pointed it at Kloxser. He was unfazed by it.

“You dare question my knights armor!?”said Daishin angered.

“Wait now don’t be upset Kloxsers just drunk that’s all..”said Esleya nervous and trying to calm Daishin.

Kloxser still crossed eyed and drunk he snapped his finger. Suddenly, a giant golden hammer appeared beside Daishin.

“Knock knock ‘hiccup’”said Kloxser cracking a joke.

“Who’s there..ohh...”said Daishin about to turn to his side.

Daishin got sent flying by the golden hammer to the ocean. Kloxser dispelled the hammer and continued drinking. The adventurers turned blue at what just happened.

“What the cheesecake?!”said Klaus with his jaws dropped to the ground.

“Whoa he really got sent flying.”said Luxius looking at Daishin go flying.

Kloxser tapped the tables and shouted.

“Next ‘hiccup’”said Kloxser.

A Highlander woman with crimson hair and revealing blue armor walked up. She has blue eyes and multiple scars on her body. She wields an aetherial axe and a shield.

“Ohh a beauty and warrior who are you?”said Kloxser with hearts in his eyes.

“(Mr Kloxser..)”said Esleya in her thoughts shy and covering her face.

“My name is Hidruna and I’m from a group of warriors from Il Mheg. They are called “Veils Blessed Knights”.”said Hidruna introducing herself.

“Are their more of you here Miss Hidruna?”said Esleya asking her.

Hidruna nodded and lifted her hand for others to come forward. It was only two a female dunesfolk lalafell with azure blue hair and a female sun brown miquote with snow white hair. The female lala girl has red eyes plus red armor similar to the knights of the rounds in the Source. The female miquote wore a pink kimono and has a rose thorn rope that transforms into rose blade.

“These two came with me but, the rest stayed back home. This is Salifei and Kamuia.”said Hidruna introducing them.

Salifel is the lala girl and Kamuia is the miquote woman. The three of them have a pixie like sigil on their right arm.

“Hello nice to meet you two.”said Salifei bowing to Esleya and Kloxser.

“Greetings..”said Kamuia doing the same.

“You three are welcome to join. Y’all are accepted ‘hiccup’.”said Kloxser.

“(That easy!!)”said Klaus in his thoughts with his jaws dropped in shock.

Luxius tilted his head with his goggles on. The three Veil knights bowed and Esleya gave them something. The adventurers and knights were shocked and looked at what Esleya gave the three.

“What is that?!”said Klaus in shock.

“It looks like a...Seal no a red Seal.”said Luxius looking closely.

“(Red Seals? What’s going on?!)”said Klaus in shock and concerned.

The recruiting of the Ephemeral knights has begun.

To be continued. Part 2 next
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