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Blog / Posting Update

Hi and thanks for following my blog either on my FFXIV character or my site.

Excuse the inconsistency and long absence, and any typos in this post.

Thank you to anyone who was genuinely enjoying my stuff. I apologize for the gaps. Here's what's going on:

A recent update broke my site. I am waiting on a solution.

Also, after several years of marriage, I decided to divorce my wife.

We got married on August 11, 2019 after being together for 6 years.

Unfortunately, we had abrupt, unexpected issues very early in our marriage (within a month). They were things I never expected and did not know how to handle. I gave our marriage a few years.

We went to therapy together and individually. I did my absolute best to be the most loving and supportive husband I could be; however, my efforts to maintain my marriage lost meaning after a while. Something inside me broke and died.

I reached a point where I no longer felt hurt by our issues. I just stopped caring about doing things with / for my wife. I wanted all of our interactions to be as brief as possible and I stopped wanting to be in the same room.

A month after deciding to get divorced, I drove to the other side of the state for my dad's birthday. My car overheated on a major highway. I had to get it towed. My two day trip turned into several weeks of living out of airbnbs.

My spouse and I were having a difficult time communicating peacefully. She was supposed to move out, but decided not to. I did not have the patience to fight about it and other things took priority.

Our divorce / home-selling process ended up taking far longer than I ever imagined. I reviewed the most logical and practical course of action I could take; I ended up selling my car and getting an apartment near my parents.

To give myself something to do and preserve my sanity, I looked into applying to art school. I already have a BA and an MBA. I don't want any extra commitments yet as I do not need them. Nor do I know if I am ready.

Currently, my v.a. disability covers my expenses and there's very little I want or need. I enrolled in acting classes to learn to be more emotionally expressive. I will see where it goes. Hopefully, it helps make me a better writer/content producer.

Anyway, I wanted to provide an update for anyone who was looking forward to my posts. I hope that provides some insight and sets some sort of expectation.

I will try to get back to posting this week. There were a ton of setbacks to my creative desires and I don't feel that creating anything is a meaningful priority at the moment. Stay tuned and follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you'd like. DM me if you'd like to play together.

Here is my linktree:

Thanks for reading this post.


Side note: If you're local to Miami let's grab coffee, drinks or hit up karaoke, or the beach or a museum. I do not know anyone here other than my parents and some acquaintances. All of my friends live outside the state and I have found myself going stir crazy.
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Tiara Clavaris

Phantom [Chaos]

Sorry for your divorce. Marriage is really hard to begin with, with over 70% couple end up with divorce. Marriage life is not fun, and well life is not fun in general. Good luck with you moving on with your life.

Lord Kalcyphir

Gilgamesh [Aether]

Thanks. I appreciate it.
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