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Oh the fellows you meet...

I was out doing a little spirit bonding with some lower level gathering gear and working on the last section of the "Logging the Hours: La Noscea" achievement. This Mamool Ja Sophist just kept following me around. Finally I figured he wanted to talk so I said hello. Turns out, he's quite a story teller.

The retainer brought back a couple of new things. I've got this lovely desk (Knight Captain's Desk), my favorite plant (Potted Maguey) and a cupboard (Glade Cupboard) I'm not quite sure if I'll keep.

Finished off the night hitting some high level once a day nodes and riding in style.
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Lady Vheo

Famfrit (Primal)

My favorite pic was the first one. I love to see photos with monsters lol. And that desk tho! Sweeeet.

Eionas Faijel

Excalibur (Primal)

Thanks! It's not too often I get to actually take a picture with one, I'm usually dodging them.
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