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Blog - 01 || Fading Stars

Blog Entry - 01
Fading Stars

Starlight Cafe, a place we used to gather when the stars align. I remembered the day we opened our doors. It took us months to get a plot and We were so glad to finally have one of our own. We weren't exactly rich at the time so we all chipped in a little funding the housing payment just to barely make the cut. We invited all our friends over to hold a big housewarming party!

Business was booming, we'd talk for hours under the stars and made the cafe what it is today. We'd close up every once in a while to go on adventures, mainly treasure hunting and we'd bring our spoils back to the Cafe for display. We'd joke about how little we open our cafe just to have more time to go treasure hunting that our slogan for the cafe was that we'd only open when the stars align.

But as time pass even stars would fade into the night sky. As with the vast darkness of space, we'd slowly notice that our stars were slowly drifting away from each other. Nights of waiting for at least one of our stars to be aligned with us would get longer and longer & eventually I realized how far we all were from each other. So far that we may never align again... But I continued to tend to the Cafe, renovating it making it so that if they do come back they'd see how beautiful the place was... but no one came... I begin to wonder what it was all for. Maybe my time here is up as well.

Now it is just a shell of its former glory. It was a difficult decision but it's now time for me to resign & fade into the night sky as well. May Starlight Cafe one day bring new stars under its wings once more...

Co-owner of Starlight Cafe. Founder of the Starlight Brigade signing off....

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