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"This is the place," Minfilia said as she and Cleo arrived their destination while Thancred and Krohman was facing Ran'jit.
"This is where she stopped the Flood."

There was an old building near the crystal wall. When looking up on the top, both Cleo's and Minfilia's heads throbbed. The Echo was showing Minfilia's final moments from when she arrived at the First and tried to stop the Flood.

The souls of Ardberts companions appeared next to Minfilia. Each and one of them let Minfilia use their souls to halt the Flood. But there was still a another threat behind those waves of Light. The very first sin eater, Eden. Ardbert appeared to Minfilia, ready to give his soul.

"No," Minfilia cried.
"You have to stand back."

"But I want to help!" Ardbert cried.
"It's my sacriface to make!"

Minfilia shook her head as the waves started to crystalize.

"Your time has not yet come." Minfilia said.
"When all hangs in the balance, it is you who must give them hope."

"Minfilia!" Ardbert cried as Minfilia faded away, the light crystalized completely.

When opening their eyes, Cleo and Minfilia was in another place. An open ocean with light and warmth, just like a mothers bossom.

"You finally came." A familiar voice said. Cleo's eyes teared up as the Minfilia she knew approached them.

"Minfilia," Cleo said drying her tears away.
"It's so good to see you again."

Minfilia smiled walking over to Cleo and hugged her.

"Thank you for saving my homeland," Minfilia said. Thancred had told Cleo, after the battle in Ala Mhigo was over, that Minfilia was from Ala Mhigo. Minfilia then touched Cleo's belly.
"And congratulations my friend!"

Cleo started to weep again. Minfilia turned to face the young Minfilia.

"You have been through a lot these years, but yet here you stand!" she said smiling.
"Does it mean that you've decided what it is you wish for?"

The younger Minfilia thought for a moment.

"I... I wish to defeat the sin eaters, and bring this world back from the brink." the young Minfilia said.
"We've managed to slay three of the Wardens, but the two remaining have hidden themselves for us. But with the power of the Oracle, I thought we might be able to find them..."

"Indeed you could. Their radiance would be unmistakeable." the older Minfilia said.
"But you must also know that the power you seek, it will come at a price. The decision is yours to make."

Cleo remained silent. The only thing she could do was watch and listen. The young Minfilia looked down at the ground, then up to Minfilia and to Cleo for a few times. She then stepped toward the older Minfilia.

"The Flood has taken so much of this world. So many people and places and possibilities-and all the heroes who fought to protect them. But still, here the Scions are trying so, so hard to help those few of us who remain. And seeing how tirelessly they work, how completely commited they are to the cause... I can't help but belive."

Cleo felt so proud listening to the resolve of this young Minfilia. Young Minfilia looked toward Cleo for a short moment before looking back at Minfilia.

"I don't want to just watch and cheer. I also want to make a difference. I want to help them, like they helped me. And maybe even inspire others to do the same. Coming together and provide for one another. That's the way I can see."

The older Minfilia smiled and nodded, cempletely touched by this young Minfilias words.

"We both share this dream. And your words gives me comfort to know that the future is in capable hands."

Cleo felt the tears in her eyes as both of the Minfilias started to glow.

"If ever you should falter, remeber this: no one, however powerfull, is immune to the whisperings of doubt and despair. Do not give in to them, but do not deny them either. Look instead to the light within, that you may continue to serve as a beacon to others."

"Thank you for beliving in us. For beliving in me." young Minfilia said. The older Minfilia looked toward Cleo with a warm smile.

"Cleo, no words can express my gratitude to you for keeping her safe in these tumultuous times. You are a hero to us both." The older Minfilia then kissed the forehead to the younger one. A warmth aura surrounded them.
"But not even the most valiant heroes can stand alone."

The light blinded Cleo and as soon as her sight slowly came back, she was back in the dessert. She ran toward Minfilia laying on the ground. When touching her, her golden hair started to turn into red. Minfilia moaned when she awoke. Her sapphire eyes had turned blue.

"What happened?" Minfilia asked confused.
"I remember speaking with Minfilia...and then..."

"Both your hair and eyes have changed," Cleo said. Minfilia smiled.

"A parting gift, I think." Minfilia said.
"She's given me a new path to call my own."

She then looked up at Cleo.

"Do you think that Thancred will be angry with me?" she asked nervous.

"It will be hard, but this is what Minfilia wanted," Cleo said slowly.
"I'm sure he will understand."


"Seriously, Thancred!" Esper said with her arms crossed.
"You were nearly at the death's door!"

"But thanks to your timely ministrations, I was not obliged to walk through it." Thancred said before he hissed. The cut on his cheeck was still hurting. Krohman looked at Thancred.

"Be glad that you're alive," Krohman said.
"None of us would've liked to tell Cleo that she had become a widow."

"In shorth," Y'shtola said looking at Thancred.
"Don't do anything like that again in the future!"

"Got it, got it!" Thancred sighed. He then looked toward the distance, taking notice of two figures who approached them. Not only Thancred's eyes widened when seeing the red headed Minfilia walking beside Cleo, all the others stared with big eyes.

"Minfilia...?" Alphinaud asked confused. Thancred closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again, smiling.

"You saw her." he said smiling. Minfilia looked down, afraid of meeting Thancreds eyes.

"I know I haven't exactly been pulling my weight up till now, but that's all going to change, starting today." Minfilia said to the Scions.
"I'll do whatever it takes-whatever it takes to make Minfilia's dream a reality. I can track the Lightwardens now. Maybe even help you fight them."

Thancred rose up from the stairs where he had been sitting and walked over to Minfilia. He then hugged her.

"I'm so glad you're back." he said tears rolling down his face.

"You don't have to say that, you know..." Minfilia said tearing up.

"But I want to." Thancred said.
"You're family. How else would I feel?"

Cleo teared up again as Minfilia started to cry. Thancred had accepted her. Y'shtola sniffed and dried her tears away.

"She should have a new name," she said.
"She shouldn't walk in the shadow of another now."

It was the only right thing to do. It would be perfect tribute for Minfilia.

"Can you remember what you were called before you were taken to Eulmore?" Alisaie asked. The young girl shook her head.

"No," she said.
"I was so young back then, so I really can't remember."

"Then we must think of a new one," Esper said. Everyone looked at Thancred.

"I think the honour should rightly fall to Thancred. After all they've been through together, he's practiclly a father to her." Alphinaud said.

"Well spotted!" Alisaie grinned.
"I'm so glad you're here to explain these things."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Alphinaud asked.

"oh, nothing," Alisaie replied. Thancred thought about a name.

"What about... Ryne?" Thancred suggested.

"Ah. 'Blessing' in Fae..." Urianger said before his eyes widened and stared at Thancred.
"Wait! Doth it mean thou wert listening when I delivered my lecture of the pixies?"

Everyone started to laugh.

"That word made an impression," Thancred said. He looked at the young girl in front of him.
"If you don't like it, I can think of something else."

"I actually like it!" Ryne said.
"Thank you."

"Then it is settled. Welcome aboard, Ryne!" Thancred said. He then looked at Cleo.
"Then I think it is fair that you get to choose a name for the baby when time comes!"

"Thank you, Thancred!" Cleo said with tears rolling down her face.

"Congratulations you two!" Skan grinned to Cleo and Thancred.
"You both have become parents!"

The little family of three looked at each other and smiled.

"Does it mean that I..." Ryne asked carefully.
"Does it mean that I can call you Mama and Papa?"

Mama! The word spread a warmth in her chest. Cleo started to cry and nodded.

"Of course you can," Cleo said and hugged Ryne. Skan fished up his Allagan Tomestone phone.

"Time for a family picture!"


At the Source...

Beep - beep! Estinien grabbed his phone from his pocket at the campfire. As always, there was a picture sent. His eyes the widened.

"A message for you," he said looking at Draco. He looked confused at Estinien.

"Something happened?"

"You've become a grandfather."

Draco's eyes widened as well as the others. He then fainted.
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