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Thank you FFXIV Devs!

Now you've probably heard and seen it a thousand times over at this point, but thank you... thank you so much for what you have created not only for me, but for everyone... to explain how much this means to me i have to take a step back and explain myself a bit. I apologize if this ends up lengthy (as things like this often do).

For a long time... I was little more than a wanderer, moving from one MMO to the next in search of something to fill the void left by WoW when I was forced to stop playing it years ago now due to lack of funding, of course when i gained funding back some years later the game was not anywhere near the same as back then (i played during Burning Crusade and Lich King).. and it hurt me, deeply, in fact I would be lying if i said the wound was gone...

but after wandering through many MMO's, meeting countless people and drifting away from them, or watching them drift away from me as the game died out... it was then that i discovered FFXIV, some four years ago now... as i took my first step into Ul'dah, the very atmosphere felt warm, inviting even, despite the fact that I had entered the game during a period of down-time, I felt, almost welcomed by the game itself, and I knew that I had found something special, so special in fact that despite my breaks taken from the game, i would go on to actually replay ARR through ShB several times across several characters.

I guess this all goes back to what i started with now, you've created a home for countless people.... even a wanderer like myself, you've created characters within your world that i value as much as my friends in real life, and even though there were sad moments, there were plenty of happy moments too! thank you.....

so now that the thanks are done, i had something else i wanted to say, i know you all are facing harsh criticisms from angry fans, and maybe even other problems of a more personal nature, so allow me to say the following :)

"A smile better suits a hero" and make no mistake, you're all heroes to me, so keep your heads up, look forward and always, always remember, I am only one of many who's here for you, just as you were here for me.
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