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A New Adventure- Pt. 5- A Journey Begins (2/2)

I awoke to the smell of cooking meat and saw Silvairre serving Leih. "You looked so peaceful, we didn't want to disturb ya!" she said between mouthfuls. He handed me a kebob and I inhaled it. "As soon as you're ready, we're to head back to Gridania. I will inform the General of this place, the Adders can do what they will of it, and her." He nodded towards Pawah who was draped across the chocobo, still too out of it to stand. After finishing our meal we snuffed out the fire, tied Pawah to the back of my chocobo, and collected some supplies for the trip back. It was a rather uneventful journey, Leih and Silvairre trotted out front, both chattering away like old friends. His back was doing better (so he says) but I could tell he was having trouble finding a posture that wouldn't keep him in constant pain. Thankfully, it was smooth roads all the way back to Buscarron's where it was planned to meet the Adders once our mission succeeded. I stayed back a few steps, occupied with my thoughts, while Pawah(who by this time was awake and alert) thrashed about. We were meet with spears and arrows as we approached the clearing in front of the pub, the Adders had been expecting their quarry and they were taking no chances in her escape. One of the soldiers cut the rope holding her on the chocobo and she landed with a thud. All weapons instantly went to her body, save a lone female Hyur who was tasked with picking her up and escorting her away with her entourage of armed soldiers holding up the rear.

"Great job guys!" the General said. "We'll take it from here, don't worry about a thing! She ain't getting away this time!" Silvairre pretended not to notice that last statement as he dismounted and preceded to tell the General about the location of the hideout as they walked towards the tavern. Leih stayed behind with me as we watched Pawah hobbling off into the distance, weapons pointed at her back and sides. Silvairre finally emerged from the pub without a word and started to mount his chocobo.

"They want me to join the Adders, said I could have Sergeant." he said emotionlessly. Leih jumped up and down in excitement. "Ye told 'em yes,right?" She stopped and we both stood quietly so as not to miss his answer. He turned his head around. "I told them 'no thanks'" and slowly rode off. Leih fumed. "An' why in the seven 'ells not!" she screamed at him. He stopped for a moment, as if he was deciding to answer her or not, and turned around facing the both of us. "Because," he said, "I would of been stationed at Alder Springs to help deal with the Ixali, and I didn't want to leave you!" He turned his gaze to Leih's and she froze with her mouth open, unable to move or say anthing. I smiled at her and Silvairre quickly turned around and trotted off home before she could recover. She turned her neck and faced me, mouth still open. She quickly recovered and began to speak, "Did he ju-!" I slapped her chocobo on the rear and it jerked forward, almost knocking her off of it. "Go!" I said smiling, "Hurry catch up to him, I'll head home shortly. There's a few things I need to do before I go anyways." Leih caught her balance and disappeared into the trees.
I decided to give them an hour or two head start. I didn't completely lie, there were a few things I wanted to do here. I dismounted, tied my chocobo to the post, and walked into the pub for a drink. I was greeted by the bartender, Buscarron. I sat at the counter and he brought me an ale. "On the house!" he said as I tried to give him gil. I took a few swigs of the stuff and my throat twinged slightly. "Get some 'air on yer chest!" He started to laugh heartily and the other patrons joined with him. I decided to finish the rest in one long gulp and slammed the empty mug on the counter. "'Nother?" I shook my head as drastically as I could so he couldn't mistake my answer. "Do you know how to get to Ul'dah?" I asked when my throat stopped tingling. Buscarron took my mug from the counter and put it in a tub with others. "Lookin' to find a fortune, eh missy?" I gave a nervous smile "Yea, something like that." He stared at me quizzically, then answered. I thanked him for the drink and headed back.
I came back to the guild with warm welcomes. Lucianne, smiled as she walked over to me. "Welcome back! I usually don't try to pry into my students' lives, but could you be so kind as to fill me into what happened out there? Silvairre and Leih are usually at odds with each other and now I can't seem to separate them!" I glanced over at them as they stood against the wall. Leih planted a kiss on Silvairre's cheek and he smiled slightly, holding her tighter in his arms. They must have had a deep conversation on the way back. "I have no idea.", I lied. Lucianne shrugged and I decided to break the news to her. "I've decided to leave Gridania. I don't know to where, but I feel there's something more out there I'm suppose to be doing." She gave me an understanding nod and a smile. "I'll break it to the others tomorrow after you've left." I looked around the room at the people I had spent these past months with, not knowing if I would ever see them again. When most of the excitement wore off and the crowd began to disperse, I retired to my room and slept. Tommorow I would start my journey to find you.

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