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Now trying out the Astrologian!

Well.... it's been a while since I wrote a nonsense blog entry. Lol. Been on a bender with work and helping some old guild mates with this game. Now that the game is on sale. We have two more people playing FFXIV. So it's kind of coming together. Eventually maybe we can create our own free company to do content with each other. But for now. I don't mind helping people. I just realized I have less than a week to exploit the Road to 70 xp buff. So I am leveling another job. My beautiful Astrologian! See the power the Queen Scylla armor. Lol. I was a little apprehensive about this job. But it is not too far off from the white mage. There are just less offensive skills on it. I feel the burst heals and regens are bit more crazier on astrologian, than the white mage. But nevertheless I am having fun.
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