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Ships, Dance and Summer Outfit Contest.

Hiya, dears!

Woooo! These past days have been great!

I don't know why, but the other day I ended up on a ship anchored in Limsa Lominsa, The Astalicia. I was able to climb, walk everywhere and even learned a new dance! At this rate I will have to change my profession and dedicate myself to acting in the most important theaters in Eorzea!

You know, if you feel like going to dance, count on me!

And yesterday! Yesterday! My Free Company organized a veeeeery cool event! We had to come with our summer clothes and pose, wave and do silly things on stage for a while. So I could not contain myself and went shopping, of course! And there I was, in front of all my company mates with one of my beach dresses and my umbrella.

I did not win! So I will have to keep saving to get an apartment, but I had a great time!
So, encouraged by the event, I decided to change my general look and even dyed my beret white, I look more like a WHITE mage now. I should not say this, but I'm sooooo cute in my new outfit that you will not be able to quit staring at me ;)

Kisses, Venkers!
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