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Social Relations Day

Hi, dears!

Yesterday was an amazing day!
It didn't start out very well, as I was sent to a beach surrounded by sunken ships and the undead... Yes, that was the worst actually, the undead. In the end I had to fight the henchmen of an impressive mermaid and, when I finished, I told myself that I could not take this dark memory of the beach with me, so I took my gear and went to Costa del Sol.

Woooooo! Beaaaaaaach! Suuuuuuun! I couldn't resist it. I put on my weaver clothes, which are lighter and simpler, and jumped into the water from the highest place I could find. Well, from the top no, because the last time I was here, I had to put a huge light on a cliff, I slipped and... Back to Gridania.

I went to one island, to another, to another... And I wanted to get to the lighthouse, but a huge shark appeared and I decided to find a comfortable lounger in which to enjoy the landscape. Something great happened there! I made a friend! We were chatting all day, until I had to go to continue carrying things from one place to another in exchange for more clothes that I am not going to wear. But I loved it and really enjoyed it!

This does not end here! I went through the Order of the Twin Adder barracks to see if I could do something for them and a girl told me that she liked my clothes and I liked hers and how cool and how good and take a gift and I want to die of emotion... Now I belong to a Free Company, Final Wish, and I have two more friends! One is like me! I'm excited.

It has been a very social day and it all started looking at one of the most beautiful landscapes in Eorzea.
Here I leave you some photos with two of my new friends and with the views of the beach... And a selfie!

You know, if you see me ecstatic looking at infinity, talk to me! It is possible that before answering you I have put the message in twelve different chats until I remember to write /tell, but bear with me, please!

Kisses, Venkers!!

PS: Oh! I almost forget it! I have had an experience from another dimension. I talk to people from other worlds! I'll tell you about it! :D
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