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4/8/21 - So Much To Do (NIN 39)

So since my last post I was a Lancer (LNC). My goal and intention was to keep playing and level up my Dragoon (DRG) BEFORE I switched to Ninja (NIN) BUT my friends failed to mention that I also need to level up Marauder (MRD) to 15 before I can begin my DRG journey. Needless to say I said **** the MRD class and went straight to Rogue (ROG) to begin my NIN journey and I do not regret my decision.

Being a NIN so far has been fantastic and performing Mudras feel so satisfying. I don't have all of my Mudras yet (I am missing Jin) but just using Ten-Chi (Raiton) or Chi-Ten for Katon is beautifully satisfying.

Knowing ahead of time that my NIN class will require me to use my hotbar to it's fullest, I spent a decent amount seeting my keybinds and I even went as far as to go and remap my Mouse 4/5 buttons. I do feel myself getting more and more invested in this game and I find myself eager to get home from work and play more (RIP my free time).

All of my friends have started new characters and have all finished A Realm Reborn and are sitting at Lvl 50 waiting for me to catch up. Unfortunately I get distracted by the literally millions of sidequests that pop up everywhere and it's taking me a bit to finish the MSQ.

Either ways, what are some weird keybind tricks that you all have done to play this game? What class/job is your favorite? What class/job is fun for you?
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Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

Keiga, lancer to Dragoon is all that is required IF you want to level to dragoon. MRD is for Warrior, obviously a Tanking Job, but completely separate from Dragoon. So yea, take your time leveling all those and keep with your ninja. It's fun, keeps you active and very enjoyable. Later on if you want more RAW dps something that will carry you to more "advanced" 8 person trials start working on Sam (starts a level 50 in uldah). Read about rotations, and understand the dynamics. A+ damage dps.
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