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Random Evil Musing - 4/19/21 (ARR Complete)

At last, that Ascian fool is out of my way.

Amusing how that Scion-turned-Ascian thought he could stand up to the power of the Death God and step away unscathed, as if he and his ilk were superior to the efforts of a true being of Darkness. No matter what honeyed words he spoke to the Empire, his efforts all this time were in vain, and through the combined forces of Gridanian, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul'Dah, their defeat was inevitable.

With them out of my way, now I can freely focus upon my studies into the ancient arcane pursuits that Eorzea has to offer, and even delve into some of the studies the Ascians sheltered away for themselves. This will be a great boon to my studies.

My troops in Ul'Dah have been progressing nicely, and I have sent them on their first expedition to better themselves and prove themselves to me as well. They seem eager, ready to fight, and up to the challenge. I will soon be looking to better outfit them with sturdier gear, something more befitting soldiers under my jurisdiction. How I wish General Del'Syn was still with me...though I can command respect, it was he who would better muster ground forces. With the Ascians and Empire out of the way, now I believe would be a good time to start speaking of my lord among the troops, though I must be subtle about it; I must demonstrate to them that though he represents the dead, he should be respected similarly as Thal; a monitor and sentinel of the dead.

A new era dawns on Eorzea, and a bright future for my people and our purpose...

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