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Hope the New Year is starting right

Time flies when you're grinding to 50! I've just been playing the MSQ and beat titan. I was tanking and the healer was dps'ing and standing in fire, so it took a little adjustment and then we beat him easily. Sort of anticlimactic after all the Company of Heroes dire warnings; but I guess that's just the difference between Crystal Bearers and regular adventurers.

Anyroad, there's a lot of quests popping up and after talking with Lost (FC) I put my blinders on (blinkers for those of you not in the US) and focused on the MSQ and getting to 50 to unlock the Red Mage!

The Dungeon Haunted House with the Bathory-esque villain was fun, bigger than the first few dungeons with more creepy vibe. And the big dragon in the gobbie dungeon was a good fight.

I really like the Paladin (they really need to combine the combo to 1 button, like PvP) but there are a lot of buttons coming up and that makes me apprehensive about end game tanking. But I can't deny the feeling of pulling 1/2 the forest of my same level, Spin-to-Win! My trusty Chocobo hitting me with a regen then tanking a mob or two to help out.

Well, back to the Grindstone for this 'venturer,

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