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Tank episode 6 - What does make you Tank?

日本語の日記は「タンク第6話 - タンクに必要な事」に書きました。

Why do we play as Tank? I think it is because Tank can control the pace of battle.
Battle is where Tank is the star. Tank is in the center.
However when we go to instanced dungeons, we need to play with other players.
It is easier to play if there are arrangements for battle tactics.
I would like to show my ideas.

I think it is better to increase such arrangements one by one like if we can do the first one, we do the second one, the third, and such.
My idea is mainly for mobs.
If you are level 60 or higher Tank, I believe you must have your own style.
Please disregard this blog.
If you go with your friends or FC/LS members, you should establish your own style.
I believe it is important to find your comfortable ways. This is just a reference.

1. Take Hate (Enmity)
Once you get into a content, activate Tank stance.
Shoot an enemy by ranged attack with increased enmity while approaching.

Shield Lob (Paladin)
Tomahawk (Warrior)
Unmend (Dark Knight)
Lightning Shot (Gunbreaker)

Make an AoE once targets are in range to take all hates.
While you make combo attacks with restoring your HP, make AoE(s) to maintain hates.
(note) Although Paladin cannot restore her/his HP by combo attacks, it is still effective to make combo attacks.
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If you can, keep on eyes on the position of healers and ranged DPS who may take hates by ranged attacks or healings. If hates lines go to them, move closer to them in advance, so that you can take hates by AoE once targets approach them. Single AoE may not be able to take all hates. If you fail to shoot down the target, use ranged attack to take hates.
Someone may ask you to "Provoke", but use "Provoke" skill if you cannot shoot by ranged attack. The range of "Provoke" is longer than ranged attack.
Ranged attack has additional benefit. Other party members who does not take hates also can see which is/are the safe target(s) to attack.

There is an advanced skill. If we use ranged attack before defeating all targets, Tank gets more hates, so that it ease to take hates from next target group. But I don't talk about advanced skills today.

Some DPS or Healer uses sprint and goes in front of Tank to pull.
I don't talk about such players today, either.
There are ways to reduce exceptional (troubled) behaviors. But I think it is better to focus on standard techniques.

2. Fix target position
Attacking moving target is difficult for everyone especially for Melee. Because the range of their attack is short. In addition, if Melee can attack in certain direction, it increases damages. Therefore fixing target is very important. Fixing target means not only the position but also the direction. Another benefit is it eases avoiding AoE from enemies.
Tank can fix target if she/he does not move after taking hate. If Tank needs to escape from AoE, move as late as possible then come back to the original position to keep the target direction.
Even if target faces party members, if the direction is fixed, other players can move to escape from attacks.
Sometimes Tank cannot fix the target direction or position. In the case, move as less as possible, so that the target position won't change much.
Tank should move only to escape from AoE or to adjust the direction of target.
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This can be applicable to all roles, but it does not make a lot of sense to move around without purpose, such as avoiding AoE, adjusting attack direction for Melee.
Caster also check themselves not to move between casts without purpose.
If you don't move much, you can move faster in case you need.
Some players does not feel comfortable to stop. They may not react quickly if they don't move around. In the case, this is advisory. Please do whatever you feel comfortable.

However Tank should not move around.
Therefore I think Tank can stand an AoE. They are die-hard.

3. Adjust target orientation
If you can fix the target location and direction, let's arrange the target orientation. It is better the target not to face other party members.
Tank locates opposite side to other party members and let target stands between
Tank and others.
I think fixing location and direction is more important than the target orientation.

4. Utilize skills to reduce/nullify attacks
We need some practice to use reducing or nullifying damage skills in timely manner.
Until we get used to utilize them, just use one of reducing skills at the beginning of each battle with mobs or bosses, if they are available.
Find your optimum usage once you are familiar with the skill.

Paladin doesn't restore own HP during combo attacks. Use Sheltron once Oath Gauge reaches 50 to block incoming attacks, which maintains own HP. HP usually recovers while Sheltron is active. Nullifying damage skills prevent to be knocked out if healing is now fast enough. Tank episode 5 descries more details.

I activated Living Dead which is Dard Knight's skill. As I expected, the status changes to Walking Dead because of incoming attacks. I was knocked out in the end but 10 sec grace period was long enough to take care of mobs. DPS could deal with the remaining and party was not wiped out. If we pull too much, it works well.
Needless to say, we should not pull too many since beginning.
While we are waiting the nullifying damage skill to be active again, we should pull less. We should not worry about boss. We just need to use as needed. If we want to use the nullifying damage skill, it is better to understand the content you go, because the skills have long recast time, but if your HP becomes 20% or less, I recommend to use it. It may not actually save you because healers help you to recover your HP quickly. Or sometimes it may be too early to use it, so it may not be available when you really need it. But it is much worse if you get knocked out without using it.

5. Lead party
If you are not sure how to get to boss, click Mini map to open map.
You can locate yourself on the map to find the way.
You can shrink the size of map so that it won't block the view during battles.
You run ahead of party members to lead.
Some Tank uses sprint and go further ahead, however it is not safe because healing magic may not be in range. Check Mini map occasionally and make sure no one left behind. If Tank is not sure the way to get to boss, someone guides party. They usually wait Tank to attack first.

If you are not familiar with the content, leading party may be difficult.
If you as Tank run slowly, someone may try to pull.
I will touch on such behavior in another blog.
I assume no one does such for now.

If you do all above, I believe you are Tank.
But there are more things you can do. I write about it in next blog.
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