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How I Finally Got the Full Version of FF XIV


This is my first blog entry here ... and I'm mostly writing it to kill some time. Why? Because for the third time today, I'm staring at a loading bar that's agonizingly slow and the only thing left keeping me from playing the freakin' Full Version of Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XIV. The game I've been playing since August last year. For free, mind you! In those 6-ish months, this game - my first MMO ever! - has won me over.
Has made me feel so much joy, so much pain, so MANY EMOTIONS already. :'D
I levelled, crafted, raided, made friends (and enemies ... maybe? ;)), and after all these eventful months, there was still so much left to DO, to discover ... so I did it. I gladly accepted the fact that I'm a fan of an MMO now, apparently, and decided to buy the Full Version of the game.

That was around Christmas last year. :D

I went to the Square Enix Store (not on Amazon, on principle, because the Free Trial was generous enough and I wanted the money to go directly to Square) in order to buy the Physical Edition of the game.

And was put on a waiting list. Now of course, having started playing as a Bard main, I was a wait cue veteran already ... so I stayed patient. The Store told me I'd be notified via email once the version I wanted was available again. I waited for that email.

Shortly before New Year's Eve, I hadn't received an email yet. Kept playing the game though (my crafters needed leveling, for Menphina's sake!). Then I checked in the store. No notification, but hooray! my desired version was available. So I bought it.

Cue me waiting again, this time around for the delivery guy.

Sudden cut - it's January 15th, I put the disc in, I run the installation. The first one, it's quick. Then the second one, this time it takes longer ... much, much longer. Laughs are had, curses are uttered, ethernet cables are fetched, to connect my gaming laptop to a router in order to speed up the download.

It works.

Happy, looking forward to a night of gaming, I decide to watch some Brooklyn 99 with my sister first, then try to log in.

That's when the Third Download starts. It's still running as I'm typing this. It has been running for an hour. Current progress: 33.5 %. x'D

I'm excited to learn how long it will take for me to actually play the Full Version. Hey, the night is still young - 11 p.m.! That's nothing! :'D I remember nights where this game kept me up well until 6 a.m., soooo ...

... see you soon-ish, in Eorzea!

[This blog post was written as a way to kill time and also because the friend who got me into playing this game challenged me to tell this story -- without using the words "plot twist!". PLoT tWiSt, I succeeded! \o/ Kinda, sorta.]

[Current progress: 36.32 %. Oh boii. x)]

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Mhih Mewrilah

Shiva (Light)

You actually wrote it down! :DD Just for doing that I shall generously overlook the sneaky cheating with using "PLoT tWiSt" and instead will welcome you to the full world of Eorzea! \o/ Look forward to everything the game has yet to offer, it will destroy you and build you up again. Sounds bad, but it is all meant in a very positive way! <3
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