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Log - Week Six

This week I continued working on the MSQ. I was able to rescue Minfilia and the crew, only to shout "I KNEW IT" at the screen when Thancred took off his mask. I may be a little tooo invested in the storyline, probably another reason why I am taking so long to get through ARR, lol! :P

A lot of not so great stuff happened this week IRL, (family member was in a really bad car crash. They are home from the hospital now thankfully!!) so I was unable to get on FF14 even though I had originally planned out more gaming time. It did work out though since that gaming time was then used for a lot of video calls with family.

Nooow, since I changed up my key bindings I have been working through the moments of panic when I forget where a skill is located on my keyboard. Now that I am starting to have everything memorized again the MSQ battles have been going a lot better. The few dungeon runs I have done have also gone decently. I will continue to read/watch different WHM guides when I have time available. Obviously at this point I just need to get on and play the game a bit more.
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