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Sharing Shinies.

Sharing Shinies.

- How many shinies have you hoarded to The Nest, Oh Ancient One? - Asked Chackty one night.
- I've lost count. - Confessed The Crow's Ancestor.
- Would you show the ones you like the most?
- A shinie for a shinie, right? At least, that's what you may have tought. However, tonight I shall indulge you, little one.


- There's a place on another world. A place called Kholusia. There I found one of the most pleasant melodies. While I don't like everlasting light, I do love accordion musics. - Said The Ancestor.
- Ohhh... - Poor Chackty was soo surprised she did not knew what to caw.
- Please enjoy this piece called "Unmatching Pieces", little one. This is what the mortals call "art". - The Ancestor whispered, as she signaled to Ferdinand, The Crows newly appointed accordionist bandmaster.

The Nest, February 25th, 2002.
The Crow's Ancestor, a Shade with a Gramophone.
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