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Hope in the morrow

I wish I could elaborate the Blog more, especially because it’s been quite a while since I wrote anything, but today’s just.. a “no” day. I don’t feel that well...

Anyway... To keep things simple and smooth, let’s recap our progresses:
The Linkshell yet again got more and more populated. To be precise, two.. well, four, actually, new members joined: the first and foremost, Llyr Sil. I met the girl around several parties in PF in the last days, and we always ended up chatting quite a bit, I even ended up giving her a couple tips on AST, and she apparently took them to heart, which is indeed heartwarming. Players striving to improve and open to suggestions are always of the best kind.
Follow-up is Surr Ast, whose is a.. friend? of her (or perhaps fiancée? I honestly should ask but I’m kinda ashamed to). The other two members aren’t a big surprise, being my friends Vashstampede Dark and Fede Gamer, whose both just ended the MSQ and are now ready and excited to enter endgame as well.

... And endgame we for sure did.
We tackled E1S on saturday yet again as a whole static, and I’m proud to say it only took us 3 wipes to fully learn it. Sure, there are a couple mechanics to polish and get better at, but overall we did great, at least to me. We didn’t expect to beat it so fast, so we moved to clear yet some more Extreme Shadowbringers Trials for the four of them.
We still are to reclear SoS EX and MM though, but it’s just a matter of time. We’ll soon be hitting E2S as well.

Flo made a Discord server some time ago, but we only recently started using it after we hit the 10 people cap for the group. I worked to enrich it a bit, just so we could start moving in and have a decent fresh start. And so we did, and our first group call happened. I must say I was hella anxious and nervous, but in the end we had a lot of fun. Even Fede, who’s not so good at understanding english, ended up training his listening and speaking abilities, and he started chatting a little more (although he still doesn’t speak much, except when I explain mechanics in italian), which is a win-win to me. He even said he’s superhappy about the group, and so am I. I actually couldn’t be more happy with how things evolved and are still evolving.
The only one still in the limbo of the non-chat is Vash, that still doesn’t talk english at all and will just unmute himself to speak italian to me asking for directions, mechanics and so on. It’s kinda hard to coordinate both languages at the same time, especially because I usually am the mechanics caller (which kinda gives me some pressure, but I fortunately don’t get anxious over it since I’m not with strangers), but I can work my way out... In the end, if they didn’t make jokes on my weird voice nor laughed at my messed up accents, that’s all that matters to me.

This said... The count of times I’ve lost mounts against other players by 1 fucking point raised to 3: one in Titania (in which I legit immediately stormed out of the PF not only because of frustration, but also because the Party I ended up with sucked hard), one in Ruby Weapon and one in Emerald Weapon.
I’m so tired of this shitty luck of mine. I’m so tired of having to deal with strangers, especially toxic, noob or stupid ones. Like the last tank we had in RW EX tonight... Boi, now that was being an illiterate, single cellular amoeba. I legit blacklisted them and I hope I’m not crossing roads with them again.

Ah, yes, about tonight... I dunno if I want to explain what we went through. Let’s just say fate.. hasn’t been good on us. Players were either busy IRL or with a couple other matters in-game, and our efforts in trying to do something together.. didn’t exactly held the expected (or hoped) fruits we pictured in our minds.
... Call me (and Fede, but for a different reason) depress, if you wish...

... Hope in the morrow...
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