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Still alive! Just busy!

There would be much to say, but I won’t digress for now: it’s been quite some time since I posted something, but it’s not because I’m dead or anything. Nay, I’ve been quite busy these days with several things: a friend of mine just finished 5.0 and is about to finish 5.1 (gotta help him with the Grand Cosmos), another one bringing 5.0 down as well (just cleared Malikah’s Well), roulettes, some Extremes...

On that point, we tried to do our second clear for Titan UR before reset, but... Apparently it’s still too much. We might just have been lucky with our last clear, I don’t know what’s wrong. At some point the tank dies, someone falls off, DPS isn’t sufficient to break gaols, yadda yadda. Maybe we should check our formation better, I don’t know... Maybe I should go in as DRK in order to give me and my co-tank greater survivability for Mountain Buster... I dunno. I guess it’ll be something I’ll have to figure out by myself and according to our team’s necessity.

Speaking of EX, here’s our latest achievement (today’s, nonetheless):

Fortunately we’ve been 6 out of 8 today.. yesterday has been quite a bad experience with PF, being only 4 of us and having randos messing around although we clearly stated it wasn’t a “practice from the start” Party... I mean, you’d expect someone to actually understand mechanics of such a fight, after almost 30 wipes... Right? Well apparently the BRD was an intruder and I probably had better to listen to my friends and kick them right away after the 10th time they cleaved the tanks at tethers...

Whatever. After just two wipes because one of us was new to the Duty and just watched a guide beforehand, we finally managed to clear Hades EX! And since we had our hands dirty, we wanted to strike the iron until it was hot and decided to farm it a little as well, now sitting on 8 tokens. We’ll be doing another (or maybe more, we’ll see) run(s) tomorrow for Astolfo so they can get their NIN weapons, then we’ll decide what to do.

As of now, our current goals seem to be:
• Clear all Eden Savages, starting with Eden’s Gate: Resurrection (Savage);
• Clear the Seat of Sacrifice (Extreme);
• Clear the Cinder Drift (Extreme).

Let’s see what future brings! I’m quite excited to get to do more together!
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Congrats on hades, that is one I have yet to clear though I have seen stage 3. Just never got into a party that could do it.

Be warned SoS EX is very, very hard. few mechanics repeat in that so you gotta learn a WHOLE bunch of them, plus many rely on other people to keep you from dying. Expect much progging, though I think it has the Echo now to make it a bit easier.

As for Titan, yeah, even with a clear, it still takes much practice for farm status.
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