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Day: 27

So a lot has transpired over the past week. I've finished the main storyline of Heavensward, and I have to say that is was outstanding. The story was really good and made me tear up multiple times. And I really love when games get me emotional.

The new areas hit all my sweet spots, especially the Dravanian Highlands.
They were a joy to explore, and the new flying mechanic introduced made me love them even more. Speaking of, I thought the Aethercurrets were implemented marvelously.
It forces you to familiarize yourself with the land on foot, and spend time doing sidequests in the area before being able to speed through it. This also adds more incentive to do some more basic sidequests, naturally.

The new dungeons and bosses were similarly, excellent. I especially love how they seemed to have much more HP than before, so the fights lasts a lot longer this time. Though this can be a bit tiresome when it comes to regular enemies as a healer, since I am not very strong.

The final boss was also just perfection. Not just mechanics wise, but the visuals and sound design were also absolutely phenomenal. Pure eye candy, that fight is. Though it was also the only low point I had wit the expansion.

With how ridiculously strong all my allies were, he fell in little over a minute, and would have, if not for the multiple phase changes. This ruined the moment and a bit of the ending for me. This was a problem with ARR's final boss as well, but it was far worse here.
I just find it a bit weird. Not only do dungeons lack Echo (so far), but some of them limit your maximum Item Level, even some of the storyline ones, yet with the final boss, echo is enabled and there is no IL limit. You'd think it would be the opposite, if anything.
Because of this, every single dungeon and boss prior to the final boss was a thousand times more difficult. Regular bosses also have Echo and no IL Limit, but somehow, I have never been paired with OP allies with them, it's just been with the final bosses.
While not desirable due to how agonizingly long it takes, I think it'd be best to get into all the final bosses via PF, to ensure they don't die in seconds.

I also tried my hand at some of the Extreme Trials with MinIL again. Today was the final boss of HW, and while we made really good progress, I don't see myself ever beating these currently, due to how common it is for people to not read my PF description, give up or simply not return for next time. I think I'd need like, a group of people that are specifically gonna help with that fight, for days if it takes that long. I'm confused on how to do this but I'll figure it out eventually. Just gotta come out of my shell more.

Oh and I found there is a photo mode in this game, which is amazing. I think the game is absolutely gorgeous, even with the lowest graphical settings, so I'm having a blast with it.
Overall, this has become one of my favorite games ever, perhaps even a bit too much. I'd wager I have close to 180 hours already, which is probably not the healthiest thing in the world. Regardless, I never seem to get game fatigue here, and I am always excited to see what comes next.

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Ryoko Orikasa

Louisoix (Chaos)

For nidhogg extreme you could get max level (80), find 3 people who are also max level and attempt it unsynced.

But if you're really determined to do it synced with minIL, you'll be hard pressed to find people to do it with. Nidhogg's fang and claw mechanic is what randoms fear the most about the fight, plus there's little incentive to do it minIL...
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