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One Of the things I try to do once a day at least is recruit one person. My recruitment tool is a bit different from most. I like to talk, and help. Help in the way of crafting advice and gear. Leveling gear for the right side of a crafter is nothing for me to make. So I carry around a stack of varnish, and a few different pieces of lumber in case I need to craft something for someone on the fly. If you're level 52 and got on random ass rings from dungeons you can bet that I will be trying to shove the entire right side down your throat. That's the easy one. The more difficult one is striking up a conversation. With no information to go on all I can do is check search info and say something about their glam. Usually I come up blank on search info. But the bread and butter is the glam compliments its the way to go. After that I just do my thing. Doesn't always work out and sometimes people leave soon after cause the fc is small and not the chattiest. But the small group I've managed to convince to live at my house are pretty cool for the most part. Don't know em all well enough to say they're all pretty cool… anyway today was one of the failures; brought em back to the house, showed em around and had a great rapport. Sometimes things just don't pan out and thats OK. No is always an acceptable answer to me. It's when things are vague, drawn out and unclear that I begin to not deal with things very well, personal fault I can recognize that
Blu I officially have two full blus in my cwls now. Me and meg. Me tank she healer. Helped her get the last one she needed fro. Omega. Fight went well with only one wipe. That whole larboard and starboard thing are what get me and everyone else. Fick that. Just say port and starboard. Use terms people already sorta know. Didn't do any dailies except for pvp. Ninja is at 66 now. So I got that goin for me should be 70 at this rate by the end of the week.

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