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ffxiv dairy day 47 breakfast and siblings

ok so heres what happened tooooooooodayyyyyy. i went to the candy land night club that opened and then i was being hunted down by aeris, she wanted to eat me for breakfast with a side of waffles and while i was hiding in the club. another person said i look delicous im wtf why do people wanna eat me now. i then leave the club and bams aeris is there. and i get her chicken and eggs from the market so she dont eat me, and then that one cyborg miqo named cini or somthing, wanted to eat me as well. i was being mugged for my flesh. satled nut walked in on it and was like wtf and tried to help and i made a escape and was being chased by cini. and i got puffed out and bam was surrouned by aeris and cini and some shit kinda got weird. cini nibbled on my elbow and aeris licked my head, im like how tf do i kinda always get in these types of shit. salted nut was also seduced by cini offering beef jerky someonewhere. i then decied to hand over a pieace of my flesh to aeris and left. that acutally made my day. so then i go to the blushing rose for like the 2nd time today because i forgot i been there already and bam i encoutner my sister chocobo. and it turns out shes a shapeshifter and im like wtf, and it turns out theres more then one choco there. it turns out my characters sisters are all shapeshifters because our mom was a fantasisa addcit wtf. crazy new lore to my character and then i went to club aqua got trappped in a basement and then to limsa gave some guy advice on his problem that theres rumours about him being a slutty eboy in game. i then gave him advice that really honestly nobody really cares, okay its the crystal datacentre you should not worry about these things. and then i gave him other bits of advice which i hope helped and i then went to aeris's new bar, and killed her bar tender. and then left
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