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ffxiv dairy day 5 mass monke genocide

i last left off at the forgotten paradise, ands i went to the that one primal bar place, and i saw like a bunch of people there, i did me usual shit, and then went to other places, i then went to club karma, where it was a ballroom masquerade, when i went there, i remember the time i had a plan to remove all the cat boys there since they were overpopulating, which was to pay the owner 1 mill gill and take them into one room for sleep over, sadly i had no 1 mill, my plan failed that day.

as i was saying, so it was a nice ballroom type of shit. luckly i had me mask, a chocobo head, i had some good vibes there, then i diced to do some leveling in eurkea anemos, becasue i had not made any progress on eurkea at all, i then went on a monkey genocide, i screamed REJECT MONKE BECOME HUMAN, then i was left with the guilt of mass monkey genocide, i then took my monkey genocide grief on big foots,

then, i dont rememeber what i did, i think i had oats, or something while thinking about monke. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MONKE, i shall avenge you by killing the man who killed you, who ever could that be

then i rememebre somthing about stuff on a boat, in kugane but not fully yet.

then went to amethyst, i do like their new design.

then i went to me fave cliff and logged out,
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