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Arriving in Gridania

After Spira and Vana'diel, I felt it was time to visit a world somewhat more technologically advanced. Like usual, as I traveled through the void I had my mind wiped of any information of the world I was to visit, since it's a lot more satisfying to traverse them without spoilers.

So of course, I get here and find out that all the advanced technology is in the hands of this world's evil empire. Typical.

I decided to start my journey in a place called Gridania, since I've always liked visiting the forest. And of course, like a lot of nations that are situated in the woods, they revere some ambiguous forest guardian quasi-deities. I'll have to look into whether they're real or not.

Once I got to the inn in town, talking with Mother Miounne got me worried; did I already miss the action? That's not supposed to be possible, but according to her this world already has a set of light warriors that saved the world. Then again, there's more that's fun in life than just adventuring. Maybe MB just sent me here for the girls; from what people I've seen here already, the Mi'qote are just different enough from Mithra to be interesting, and this is the first time I've seen Viera since I was in Ivalice. I'll have to find a good opportunity to hit on Miounne herself, when she's no longer annoyed at me.

You see, when she had me pen my name into the adventurer's guild book, she warned me very strongly against using an amusing alias. I figured I'd go along with it, but when I tried putting down my name, she was decidedly not amused. So I quickly made up Sweetnuts and wrote that instead. She was still annoyed, but at least she let it drop.

The people here, in general, are quite unfriendly, though. Besides being accosted by a guard on my way into the city, there was another group who decided to be jerks just before I left the inn. Maybe starting out in this town was a bad idea after all. I wonder if Arylon's doing any better; she followed me here from Vana'diel, and decided she wanted to start in a place called Ul'dah, since it passingly resembled her home city of Bastok.
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Very nice, it's different than the normal stuff I usually see on here. I hope you can keep it up.
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