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I'm so glad I came back :)

Yesterday was a lot of fun!

I finished the first page of my hunting log and got started on the second. And I got a lot of questing done.

I'm probably much more casual than most players, but hopefully that can change when I learn more about stuff... and things. :P

I kind of want to goof around with cooking for a while, but I don't know if that takes money. I'm newish/returning so I don't have much and I don't wanna make myself crazy by trying to do too many things too early in the game.

Fingers crossed that today will teach me many new things. Yesterday I learned that doors open when you walk up to them. Blew my freaking mind. It also made completing quests inside the building easier. I was just running in circles outside wondering how to enter. Should have dawned on me to try the doors lmao. Ah well. You live, you learn. <3

I hope everyone has a magical day! :)

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Sahara Silverheart

Twintania (Light)

Ok that's the cutest entry I ever read.

Rosie Stardust

Faerie (Aether)

hehe 😁✨
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