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Company Officers!

I want to hire them!!!

I created a rank within my Free Company, Deathrow, that is to be helping the Leader and me with organising and casting Company buffs.

The Company expanded fast, and I am worried that we do not have enough officers to manage this!
Thus, I am interested in active players who want to create groups and do content!

The content can be anything as long it gives priority to Company Members and does not clash with existing routines.

Now for the kicker!

This role is a paid role! I am giving 1 million (monthly) paid Gil, with opportunities to raise.

What is needed of you?

1 event per week that you will decide, manage and lead.
Cast and replenish Company Actions when needed.
Be helpful and considerate of developing players.

Extra incentives!
25K Gill for every active invite you brought in as an officer!

Please reach in-game for me if you're interested!
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