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光のお父さんを見て始めたので、やっぱりあんな感じでみんなでボス倒して、ダンジョン攻略して、武器作って…みたいなエオルゼアライフを想像していたのですが、最初に入ったfcのみんなとレベルがまるで合わず。そんなわけでこの前そのfcからは抜け、(cream pieというfcです)新しい、できればレベル50前後のfcを作ろうと思った次第です。



Hi! So I think you can kinda tell, but I'm Japanese. I'm in the Zalera server, and I'm tryna make a Japanese fc. So there is this ff14 netflix show called "The Father of Light," and that was the reason I started playing this game. I was imagining me and my friends in Eolzea, (is that how you spell it? idk bc i play the game in jap version lol) like hunting boss, making weapons together, raiding dungeons. But boom- THAT DIDN'T FUCKING HAPPEN! so basically I want to make fc to do that.
If you are willing to join, come to the "house of sand" (again, idk the eng version of the names) at next week sunday on 8PM. And I recommend you to be over or around level 50, because I'm level 51. Of course, any players w any level is welcomed; don't wry.
So I do know that my English is a "bit" weird, and I want to apologize to that. I do live in U.S., but like I said, I'm japanese, my parents are Japanese too, and I read japanese books more that English books.
And make sure to leave a comment so that I can know your name. Also i think you already know, but making a fc requires 3 players, including me. So I won't be at the house of sand unless I have two or more comments. See ya there!

btw im red mage (sometimes summoner)
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