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Been doing the New Bozja and college prep

I just wrote an entire max text blog and I accidentally backed out of it. I really wish there was a safety draft feature just in case those issues happened. well, anyways heres my best attempt to rewrite it ^-^ lets go

So how is everyone, good? good. Im still salty about that deletion. Anyways a lots been happening since last time I posted and im super pumped about all of the new content thats been revealed and also from 5.45. okok so, starting with patch day that was extremely fun. Only bad thing was I had to wake up at 3 to prep myself for the patch at 5. Though I used it as a way to test myself for when ishgard housing comes out because ive been super competitive in the diadem and farming gil to buy a house there. Funny thing actually, I ended up waking up my parents when I was trying to shower and my dad had just pounded on the door asking what I was even doing. I just said school and went back to my room to get dressed and all. It was pretty funny and I explained later in the day why I even did that. He actually kind of understands the game so its nice to see him know what im saying when im trying to explain. Anyways, Patch time hits and it was really fun, I got into the front of the queue line and started right into the bozja content. Delubrum was a LOT of fun. only down side was the final boss encounter. I thought it was a bit underwhelming but the music and mechanics were still reallyreally fun. Its always fun to see everyone else also stumble through mechanics and people just having a fun time dying over and over. I enjoyed it a lot and farming it hasnt been that bad either since the armor is insanely cool looking. It almost reminds me of Dark Souls themed armor. Im still hoping for a dark souls crossover also but having similar looking armor is also cool.

Moving over to Ishgard I was really dissapointed when they said how Ishgard would come out in 6.1. I was really hoping for a 6.0 release or even 5.55. Its sad but hey, I guess that gives me enough time to farm for even more gil. I originally was aiming for getting a small plot in ishgard but I overshot it by 4 mil when farming. So since I made so much I started going towards a 20mil goal to try and purchase a medium sized plot. I think I did some math on the daily duty finder and found that you can make about 2.8mil a month doing daily duties as lvl 80 every day. So ive started doing that. But im also struggling horribly. Cause no one wants to have to banish themselves to the main scenario daily section everyday for the next five months. Its like the 10th circle of hell. Just main scenario duties on repeat. But, im dedicated to getting that medium sized plot and upping my interior decorating even more. A small plot just cant cut it with the size restrictions and its so annoying to try and work ways around it. Its super annoying and so getting this medium sized plot has just filled me up with anxiety and paranoia since anything could happen that can push me out of queue or log me in too late to get a house. Anyways, Im gonna try and stay optimistic here and believe that ill get one.

I havent even started the skysteel tools for any crafters or gatherers either. OH THAT REMINDS ME. The resistance weapons. geez ive never experienced such burnout. If ive already grown tired of doing dailies now im juggling both the resistance weapon quest and that. Its a recipe for disaster so ive toned it all done somewhat to stress myself out less. its really not the most exciting content but im doing it to try and increase my health and damage in my statics runs. Dont tell anyone else but I personally think im doing the most damage. I have a whole set run to fit in the most attacks and all and im pretty confident im doing the best rn. I dont mean to be cocky but. heh. Im doing the best. Even though im squishy my attacks are putting out a lot. Though to not stress the healers I wanna try and get my health up so it doesn't become a nuisance. But yea, im starting to become more comfortable with savage content even if I am starting to get pretty cocky with my ability to perform in them. But I dont act douchy its just a silent thought of mine I wanted to write down somewhere. I dont care if I ever complete a single savage boss I just enjoy raiding with my static even if I am a mute in calls.

Another thing, college stuff and scholarships. Its been taking up a lot of my time from playing ffxiv. Ive already decided my college to go to but the issue is auditioning and keeping up current grades and all has really wore me down. Ive also got scholarships to fill out as well and its just stressful. Im working at it slowly one at a time but the audition is this saturday and its worrying me. Im sort of just scrambling everything together just in time for it. Im expecting to fail it horribly and end up being like that day one kid who drops everything and fumbles to find pages. Luckily though im just planning to minor in music and enjoy it so theres not that much stress layed down on me. Just learning my minor chord progressions is all. Then scholarships, I recieved one from my college but I still have to go and find others to apply for to bring the pricing down. Its all just a lot and my lack of a friend group has me just sitting alone doing this stuff remaining poker faced cause ffxiv is whats keeping me afloat right now. Its all just an awkward situation and im just dealing with it day by day

oh and prom forgot that was a thing. I was planning to ask out my crush for a longlong time but covid happened and no prom last year. I play dumb when it comes to relationships and this is probably something that should remain private but its just talking about asking someone to prom so its not too bad. She asked me out already but I was dumb and declined cause it startled me and I doubted she actually liked me for anything. I was hoping that this year id ask her out but for prom and try to start a relationship. Its a long shot since its been a while since that and she probably already is dating. Its just wishful thinking but im hoping things end up working out.

anywaysanyways, enough real life issues I should probably end this oh shoot I have classes right now. Ending this here kinda abruptly but I hope this was fun for someone out there to read. Happy ya have a nice day and stuff alrighty see ya!

Oh ya before I sign off I was hoping to make this blog thing a consistent update. maybe every couple weeks or month? I dunno but its fun to share my thoughts on the game even if it strays off a little bit. Anyways,

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

You are new so I will tell you now. The odds of getting a medium house as your first house in a brand NEW area are TERRIBLE! Unless you have a super fast connection, and are up RIGHT when it goes live, AND are super organized, it MIGHT happen but prepare for disappointment

A better thing to do is to try for a vacated plot in one of the old instances as people move their place to Ishgard. Usually people start with small and THEN go up to medium when a chance opens up to buy the plot.

Mercy Marcilia

Lamia (Primal)

I dont know how the reply method works on here but just to clarify I do own a small plot in the goblet that ive been using for interior decorating. I just made 10 mil from the new early to rise hairstyle so I finally have enough gil!! ive taken a lot of the precautions to making sure I have a plot and backups if I have trouble. Ive also upgraded my internet and switched to Ethernet just to have a better chance. Im not messing around while attempting this.
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