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I achieved a zodiac zeta weapon

My first job ever was Arcanist. Then I stayed with Scholar until LVL 50. I changed then to Astrologian and it became my main job.

If I choose to be a healer, it's because of my way of playing the game. I never played healer before FFXIV tbh I played only a curse job. It was maybe because of the group of friends I was when we started. My husband and our friend tend to choose tank or DPS, and I wanted to help them as much as possible. I took Arcanist because of its skills but also because I fell in love with the AST job back then. It was also the only job that allows you to switch to DPS or to Healer. If I didn't like it, I could continue with Summoner.

It seems that my will to help the group was more suited to the Scholar job. I was so so afraid and anxious. But I found that gameplay was more fun than being a DPS. That's how I became healer.

All that stuff said well... I began lately the Zodiac Quests. And I achieve the weapon just yesterday. It did bring me back to the days I started healing. Here's the beauty, I grinded so much for it. But it's like achieving something for my 1st job healer in FF. Like a sort of tribute, I made for my past self. I achieve one of the ultimate weapons for this class. I maybe dropped it for AST, but it feels good to achieve something. I do enjoy healing with it tho.

Now where was I... ah yes, the kettles.
The ultimate teapots.
I have to. I'm a tea addict.
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