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A little nervous, but....

My bags are packed, and I've said my farewells--to these idle days, and the friends I spent them with.

Will, Sora, Jacynthia, Lillian, Yato, Micah, Stephen....'s temporary, luckily, but that doesn't make it easier. Still, I know we'll meet at the other side of this brewing storm, if not in the middle of it.

And I've not forgotten the ones we won't see again. The list that is much, much too long.

But I've done what I could in these final hours, and did my best to tie up all the loose ends, including the one I've left for longer than I'd like--Eureka.

We couldn't afford to have a festering Eikon with everything else on the horizon, but......I can't say I have no regrets.

It was either Eijika's plan, or nothing--the opportunity staring us in the face wouldn't come again. Too many lives had already been sacrificed, and in too many risky plans that might not work a second time, even if they succeeded.

Or rather, they'd already failed once--it just happened to put us in a position to finish what they started. There's no guarantee another group would be waiting if we reforged the seal.

Krile tried to stop us, of course, but.....there's only so much you can do over a linkshell.

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